'Warm up the crock pot'

Where: Cargo bay corridors
When: Precisely 1 week after Blue Dwarf's take over
A scaled, heavy creature lumbered down the metal passage in a constant
state of wary boredom. They'd taken this ship from those idiot humans
over a week ago. It was so easy, it almost pitiful.
The old' unguarded nest trick, pathetic.
The entire crew were easily rounded up and carted back off to the
planet. Besides pockets of resistance, they were rather easy to
capture. A majority of them weren't solders and even less where smart
enough not to realise that all the alcohol was laced with powerful
sedative. "Good fun." The creature mumbled through it's lizard-like mouth.
The lowly solider bureaucratic mind knew that it wasn't his place to
wonder or even question his superiors. But if it was up to him (and it
wasn't) he would have tortured the lot then eaten them… What? He had a
taste for monkey!
But then again, maybe it wasn't that easy.
The majority of the Blue Dwarf's strike forces were off in the middle
of space. True, the Blue Dwarf had defence systems and it could hold
them off. That was it though, hold them off. Those crafts where mostly
interceptors but if they really wanted to they could destroy the ship
out of spite.
"Please! Someone help!" A feminine voice echoed from down the corridor.
The mature mutant solider turtle levelled with bazookiod at the
disturbance. It was another one of those humans! He was certain that
he'd gotten them all with the alcohol they had laced! "Come out with
your hands up!" The creature snarled. As soon as they did thought he
would have immediately blasted them. After all, command didn't have to
know that there was another here… and he was quite famished…
"…Help!" The voice called again.
The turtle growled in frustration and charged down the hall. Whatever
it was he would blast it on the spot.
The creature's eyes rested upon a large pile of metal scrap wreckage.
"Please! Someone help!" That incessant voice was coming from under the
pile. If he was going to get his meal he was going to have to work for
it. There was no way he was going to share after this! Looking left
and right, it rested it's Bazookiod against the ground and began to
pull away the rods from the pile.
Heaving grunt after billowing groan the mound of metal was slowly
beginning to dissipate. Each and every part was carefully stacked up
against the wall. Not only was the turtle a solider, a human-eater and
a psychopath; it was also a neat-freak.
"Please! Someone help!" The constant squawks asking for assistance was
slowly had already gone through the turtle's short temper and was
beginning to wear on his will to live.
With a final growl, the last piece, a metal sheet was pull away from
the female. Now- he would dine! However what he saw was not a female.
Actually it was not even human at all. He almost mistook it for more
junk until he saw it clutching an odd yellow object in its claws. The
half-blue, half-grey robot pushed the button on the object.
"Please! Someone help!"
He'd been duped. The creature flung up its arms in outrage before it
turned to its side to retrieve its Bazookiod. The soldier's eyes
widened as he realised that he was grasping at this air.
001 flung down the yellow voice recorder from his maw and screeched
out the attack order. Within a half-second, the vents from atop crack
open and down from them dropped a half dozen skutters. All armed with
switchblades and all of them didn't take a second to begin jabbing
them into the alien's soft, fleshly legs and well, even more soft,
fleshy areas.
The Shellite gave what could be called a jig to the casual observer if
it weren't for all the blood flying everywhere. With a swift kick it
smashed its boot into 001. To the soldier's obvious pleasure it
exploded into a throng of silver glop. Only to have the smile wiped
off as his foot was firmly it caught in the bizarre grey goo.
The bizarre display was quickly cut short as a loud crack of a
Bazookiod crock issued through the air. At that moment the turtle knew
that it was dead. What do you know, he was right.
Andy Roos stepped forward towards the trap he and the Nano-Skutters
had constructed. Smoke billowed from the business end of the
mining-laser and curved over his fatigued, stubbled face. "Looks like
Rufus's idea worked." He mumbled. The grey Skutters chirped happily at
their assisted victory and pulled aside as Andy knelt down to study
the kill. "Nice acting double-oh." The Janitor-turned guerrilla
tactician smirked at his friend who gave a joyous screech in response.
"C'mon guys, it won't take them long to look for their lost patrol.
012, 123, 213, 285, 254 and 186 take the kill back to the base. 001,
can I trust you to clean up the mess?" The Skutter nodded
enthusiastically in response. He set upon the puddles with a few dozen
squirts of bio-spray. After all it wasn't every day he got to clean up
after a murder!
"Got his feet? Good, make sure he didn't leave a blood trail." Andy
led the troop off into the labyrinth.
Who: Andy, Rufus, Efof, Rosette
Where: Axillary cargo bay 15-B
When: 30 minutes later
Andy entered back into his room with emotionless indifference was the
nano-skutters pulled the body with them. The cleaner pulled open the
'lost' icebox unit that one of his skutters had 'found' in one of the
lesser known part of the cargo decks. The Skutters then shoved the
large creature into horizontal box and slammed it closed. Andy gave a
curt nod then turned, a split later he let out a shout of shock as he
realised that he wasn't alone. It never ceased to surprise him when he
found other people in this practically unknown part of the ship;
especially not three of them.
"Oh, Andy, you're back!" A certain chipper Ffionian noted happily.
"Oh… hi again Efof…" The cleaner mumbled quietly before shaking his
head. Rufus's golden-blonde head popped up from the computer monitor
he was slowly hacking into giving a diffident wave. Just metres away
from him were Rosette, kneeling over the slowly warming crock-pot. She
gave him a polite smile before returning her attention to the cooking
It happened so fast. He didn't really have a chance to react, let
alone think, as soon as they declared control. He didn't really know
what he did. The janitor thought that he just went… y'know… a little
crazy. The first things he did was make sure that the few people he
thought where friends where okay. The first two he could think of was
Efof and Rufus.
He'd found Efof hiding in Parrot's bath room, having only minutes
before serving drinks in the bar. Wondering why every one was suddenly
falling down and why turtles with big guns where trying to
capture/kill him. After popping out through ventilation system and
dragging him through. He'd deposited him in a storage closet before
going off to look for the other.
Rufus was somewhat harder to find. He was in his lab with this Rosette
person, apparently one of his assistants, whatever that meant. Anyway
he wouldn't leave without her so Andy took her too. The janitor was
kind of offended that the scientist thought that he would have left
her to the turtle's mercy. Even more so that he realised that he was
probably right.
Andy strolled over to his slowly warming dinner. "How did it cook?"
The cleaner asked the lab assistant, well, as far as he knew. "Well…
good I think, I think it needs a bit more salt." Rosette admitted. Her
voice was always the integral part of the trap. Andy couldn't act for
He squat down and pulled off the lid. The heavenly scent washed over
him. At first he was repulsed at the taste, now he loved it. He
grabbed the ladle and pulled up the soup to his lips. She was right it
did need a bit more salt. Eh, he'd add it in later. Andy turned to the
other two and grabbed a bowl. "Alright guys. Dinner's ready. Now, who
wants some turtle soup?"
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OOC: So! Most of the crew of incapacitated by the laced beer! Whatever
happens to Blue Dwarf's teetotalers? Sorry I used your characters
without permission, I just couldn't wait to get this one done!

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