Who : The Phil's
Where : The Interogation Room
When : Jst before things went funny
Phil, having just left Chris in charge of things with Jay slouched his
smelly arse back to the brig.
There MP was busy with his weekly tourture session with EP
The torture method ran thus :
The midget would basicaly show his the slides of the timehe went to
the Zoo
After the 30th consectuive showing of MP trying to mount a goat EP's
min finally snapped
"EEee?" he said waving what looked like a comfy cusion in EP's
direction, causing him to soil himself slightly
Considering Phil had not had a wash bath or shower since Tara died,
this actualy improved the odour in the room.
"How many times have i told you..I@m on YOUR side now..." screamed EP
"*blech* i dont give a rats arse..now We've misplaced the bio ship you
brought you.. MP here put it somewhere and forgot were.. we wann now
how you got it?"
"How the smeg can you LOSE a organic ship? HOW?"
Both the big Phil's look and the small one .
He raised his finger...took a deep breath and said.......
**meanwhile in another time and space*
(ie planet of the archivers - location unknown, place unkown, date :
3rd of Geldof, 1345 year of the Kebab)
"We've located his bio signal sir.. but..." said one of the operators
"But what man?"
"There..well appears to be too much of it..."
"Well..if i try to bring it through..part of it may end up lost"
"just do it..She The Holy Mother Departed this realm..he's..not been
"Agreed sir..bringing him though now
A random securty , having heard the phrase "oh shit not again..."
went to investigate and found an empty sell and a slide machine
clicking away....
OOCC : ok the Phil's have gone for now, they will
return..sometime..but for now as far as everyone else is concered,
they are...missing

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