Geurilla Mode

Who: Rufus, Rosette, Andy, Efof
Where: Axillary cargo bay 15-B
When: After a lovely meal of Turtle Stew
Rosette cleared up the bowls after the strangely tasty turtle soup.
Since the Blue Dwarf had been taken over, most of her time had been
spent around the three men. She placed it all into a crate, and
closed the lid.
"I'll check on the sensors..." she said, grabbing her belt and
strapping it around herself. In the past week, with guidance, Rufus
had upgraded her weapons, adding a small laser pistol to the top of
it, giving her some ranged firepower to go with the blades. This
cargo bay was set up as their base. The cameras had been disabled,
sending a constant loop of an image of the empty cargo room. Outside,
several infra-red lasers had been set up, in a network that surrounded
every entrance to the room, even through the vents. Rufus had
programmed them, each of the people in this room had a small chip
attached to them somewhere, that told the sensors they were friendly.
Rosette opened the door, and looked out. Several sensors locked onto
her chip, and sent a signal to the workstation Rufus was modifying.
He could see her as a green blip on the screen. Walking slowly around
the corner, she knelt down to check each of the sensors, making sure
they were still secured to the wall, and out of sight until it was too
late. Happy with the first lot, she moved on.
"Hold on..." Rufus said, back in the room. "The sensors are picking
up movement coming towards us." he continued, watching them as they
moved towards Rosette.
Rosette stopped. She heard footsteps, and knew that she'd be heard if
she ran back to the cargo bay. She drew her newly upgraded knives,
and held them up, ready to protect the group. It was common for a
patrol to wander the corridors, normally they'd consist of three or
four people, all armed with relatively small weapons, so they could
give chase. Rosette had come into contact with several of these, and
bore a small wound on her leg from the last one. She moved silently
to the other side of the corridor, agains the wall. She knew that
she'd have the element of surprise, but four on one were never good odds.
"smeg" she said to herself. Most of the times they'd fought the
enemy, it had been at least two of them, evening the odds
substantially. This time, she was alone. She cast her mind back over
the last couple of days, trying to remember all of the traps they had
laid here. she reached up behind her, and grabbed hold of a small
handle, almost invisible, as a nail sticking out of the wall. A small
section of metal pulled away, revealing a small green cylinder, with a
circular piece of metal in the end.
She pulled the ring out, and rolled it hard around the corner,
covering her ears as best she could. The cylinder exploded with a
blinding flash, and deafening bang, disorientating everyone that was
there. She used the grenade as a distraction, and hoisted herself up
onto the pipes that lined the corridor, waiting for them to start
searching for her. The group rounded the corner, guns ready. Two of
them faced down the corridor she was in, while the other two faced the
other way. She smiled. "Perfect" she said quietly, dropping down
behind everyone.
"Evening guys." she said calmly, shooting two of them in the back of
the head, just in time for the other two to turn around, and point
their guns at her.
"crap." she said, holding her hands up in the air slowly. "now would
be a good time..." she said to herself, hoping someone would come and
save her.
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