BD Rebels- 'Keep on running'

"Evening guys." she said calmly, shooting two of them in the back of
the head, just in time for the other two to turn around, and point
their guns at her.
"Crap." she said, holding her hands up in the air slowly. "Now would
be a good time..." she said to herself, hoping someone would come and
save her.
<End snip>
Who: Rosette, Andy
Where: Axillary cargo bays
When: After Rosette's ambush
"Relinquish your weapon human!!" The creature snarled, spittle
flinging from its maw. Rosette complied with a look of obvious
hesitation. The very second the weapon hit the ground the second alien
rushed forward and grabbed her arms. It was a short struggle. She'd
never been touched by something that strong let alone man-handled and
was soon slammed to the ground.
The first alien looked down at their catch with a look of mild
disgust. "Urgh… they're ugly aren't they? Too bad we have to take them
back to the boss. Wouldn't have to if stupid Shellites were doing
their job." The stowaway eyes slightly widened not at the creature
calling the kettle black, but that it wasn't even a turtle. "…You're a
GELF…" Rosette growled and squirmed under the second creature's
unrelenting grip.
"GELF?! I'm a Sharllama, most beautiful creatures in the universe!"
The Shark-llama-chicken snarled as it's almost comically placed shark
head bobbed around on the llama neck and upper arms and finally ended
in a pair of chicken legs. At this, even the other creature gave a
patronising chuckle.
"Oh? You think otherwise?!" The alien barked, its shark-like head
teetering forward on a dangerous angle.
"Well, as a matter of fact my race was-." The Alien's boast was cut
short as a stark red beam (possibly cherry flavoured) soared past the
Sharllama and tore a clean hole in its chest. Rosette's face gave a
small sigh of relief as she felt the intense weight that once pinned
her down roll off her back.
"Step away from the girl…" A familiar, ever-calm voice threatened with
obvious intent to kill. Bazookiod at the ready Andy's unkempt and
dirty face only enhanced the crazy-factor. The Sharllama's head
wobbled from side to side in confusion. Its eyes rested upon the
slowly rising Rosette.
With an ecstatic roar, it rushed for the girl, grabbed her and spun
her around with a pistol pressed against her forehead. "Nice rescue."
She huffed as the llama-like appendage wrapped around her neck. "It's
a work in progress, now shut up." Andy snapped at the girl that was
slowly being led away from him.
"I'm calling the shots here! I'm crazy!!" The creature screamed
manically, giving either of them no reason to disbelieve it. "Wow, two
clichés in a row. This went from being embarrassing to insulting."
Rosette growled from under the copious amount of fur that threatened
to gag her, if it didn't knock out with the stench first.
The creature's head bobbled far up away from the girls head. The
problem was that Bazookiod beams weren't that wide, they didn't give
much of a chance for a second shot and you had no real way to aim them
like a rifle. It didn't help that the creature's head was the size of
a basketball and kept swaying from side to side. "What are you waiting
for?! Shoot it!!" Rosette suddenly gave a 'herk' noise as the creature
pulled back on its arm.
"If he shoots he'll kill us both, if he misses, I'll kill YOU!" The
Sharllama squawked, its grotesque head hovering close to hers. Andy's
Bazookiod gave a crack as he began to stare at the creature's head
with increasing focus. In response the alien's pistol pressed even
further into Rosette's ear.
Then Andy suddenly stopped. Pulling up the Bazookiod to his waist the
janitor pressed down on the trigger. Rosette's life flashed before her
eyes as the shot fired, missed and exploded centimetres past the
alien's head. "You-!! Now, I'm going to KILL HER-K!!"
The Sharllama's death threat evaporated in its blood-filling lungs as
soon as Rosette pulled her custom knifes out of each. Even then she
wasn't finished yet. As the creature sunk to its chicken knees, the
stowaway then plunged each into the creature's eyes; killing it
instantly, well, almost instantly.
Rosette looked back at the Janitor whose brown eyes had widened
considerably. "Thanks for the distraction… I think." She stated as she
bent down to pull her now dirtied blades from each of the GELF's eye
sockets. "You're welcome…I think." Andy cringed when she did so.
The janitor looked down at the Alien's body before him. "Looks like
the Shellites weren't working alone." "What tipped you off?" Rosette
replied as she wiped the blood off her blades. "What I meant was that
they're not calling the shots! Maybe they're mercenaries or
something." Andy shot back in annoyance. "Well I don't think this
bunch would be sticking together if it didn't include money." Rosette
reminded him as she sheaved her knifes. "From the size of these
patrols it looks like they're catching on to us. We're going to have
to move." Andy gave the finishing statement with a bobbing nod before
turning and walking away.
"Move? But we've only been here for a week!" Rosette replied in shock
as he power-walked up to his side. "That's all the more reason to
leave. A week is way too long in a situation like this. We should be
moving then camping every 3 days or so." Andy replied, his eyes
skipping from wall-to-wall.
Within a minute they rounded a corner and where back in bay 15-b.
"Skutters." The Janitor stated. "Pack up anything that's moveable.
We're leaving." Rufus stood and looked at him with a face of obvious
dismay. Efof was too busy raiding the fridge for seconds. "Why? What's
going on?!" Rufus's face gave a face of obvious confusion, he'd only
sent out Andy to save Rosette not 5 minutes ago and now they're leaving?!
Andy turned and jabbed a finger at the scientist. "Unless you think
your trip-wires can hold off a horde of a couple of a thousand GELFs
and god-knows-what. We're moving to the janitorial closets."
<Tag the holy trio once more!>

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