Frozen Hell

Andy nodded as he wiped his mouth for an unknown reason and popped his
helmet on and stepped out into snow storm. It wasn't raging but it
wasn't exactly something you wanted to stay in for a long period of time.
The hissing the suit's life-support and the billowing snow in front
only digged the point home even further of his lack of ability to
sense hot and cold. His suit was the only thing keeping him alive.
"And when you get back, I'M driving!" Rosette snapped before slamming
the door shut behind him.
"… You try driving with a hole in your stomach some time." Andy
muttered before trudging away into the snow fields.
Rosette sat down at the controls again, and looked over the damage
report screen that had appeared. They said the legs were completely
smashed, but that was about it. "Dammit, there's nothing I can do
about that..." she said, getting up to get herself a space-suit. They
may not be practical, but at least they were warm. She picked up the
standard issue Bazookoid on her way out, and opened the door.
Instantly, she wished she hadn't come to the planet, the freezing
winds bit into her suit. She could still feel it, like a cool breeze
on a winters day.
"Damn thats cold." she said, beginning to move in the direction that
Andy had gone. She moved slowly against the wind, until she heard a
loud voice.
"Stop that ship, Blast them!"
Several people completely made of white jumped out from apparently
nowhere, and began shooting her with small laser weapons, most of them
missing her harmlessly, while others were hitting the snow nearby.
She barely had time to swing the bazookoid around and fire at them
once before the inevitable happened. Her bazookoid shot missed by a
country mile, but hit the glass dome behind them. Shattering glass,
coupled with different air pressure sent the glass shards flying
outwards like a grenade. All three of them fell, but so did Rosette.
One of their laser shots had hit her leg, a red liquid began to seep
from a hole in her suit. Some might call it lucky, others would call
it the potential to lose a leg, but the blood began to freeze in the
cold air. Rosette stood, wanting to make sure that Andy was alright.
Limping now, Rosette lugged the huge weapon towards the dome she'd
just destroyed. Inside, the heat from the servers had melted the ice,
and began to thaw her wound. She walked.... well, limped between the
rows of servers, each one of them humming like a small motorbike,
large pipes pumped the freezing air from outside through the server
racks, keeping them cool, even though there were hundreds of them
together. Rosette trudged on, getting warmer and warmer as she got
closer to the middle, where there appeared to be a tower reaching
towards the sky. As she got closer, a furious tapping broke the
constant whirring of fans. Rosette undid the helmet on her suit, and
breathed in the warmer air.
"Andy?" she nearly shouted to be heard over the sounds.
"Over here." came a reply, from the general direction of the tower.
Rosette made her way towards it, getting there to see a panel torn
off, with cables dangling out of it. A keyboard on the terminal
looked like it was ready to break under the strain of Andy's typing.
Rosette looked on in wonder, her mind not even comprehending how much
had to be done to save the Blue Dwarf.
"We need to be quick, there are guards around." she said, leaning on
the un-primed bazookoid. Her leg was beginning to ache, the blood
flow had started again, and threatened to impede her more than she'd
hoped for. "Dammit, I can't delete the files..." Andy said
eventually, "that tower of servers is constantly backing up everything
that gets deleted, when you delete it again, it just copies it!" he
smashed his hand down on the side, infuriated that something as simple
as eBay had thwarted him.
"This is my form of hacking." she said, turning to face one of the
towers. She picked up the bazookoid and primed it. "That tower of
servers you say?" she asked, before shooting it several times. Andy
"No, that tower." he said, pointing to the one next to it. Rosette
looked sheepish. "oops." she said, before blasting that one as well.
The heat from the server room was getting to her, she shook her head
as a bead of sweat flew to the floor in front of her. "Man its hot in
here." she said, before turning back to Andy.
"shall we go?" Andy asked, receiving a smile in return. "I'd be happy
to." she replied, turning back towards the exit. Their path was
unhindered most of the way, apart from the fact that this place was
like a maze. After several minutes of backtracking, they made it to
the icy winds again. Rosette and Andy both did their helmets back up,
and walked out into the near blizzard. As they got to within eyesight
of their midget, a single laser blast shot past them. They both
turned, it was all Rosette could do to yell "get the ship going!"
before she was hit again. This time she wasn't as lucky as before.
The laser beam pierced her suit, and tore into her side, forcing her
to drop the bazookoid. She fell to the floor with it for long enough
to swing it around, and get a revenge shot on the man that had shot her.
He didn't fare so well. A laser tends to make a nice neat hole in a
target, but the bazookoid was originally intended as a mining tool,
and left nothing but a pair of white, smoldering boots in the snow.
She let go of the weapon, and began to crawl back to the ship.
"I can't go on..." she said to herself, she could feel the warm blood
almost flooding the inside of her suit. Her vision went blurry for a
second, but in the blizzard, she saw a face appear in front of her.
"Rufus?" she said, reaching out towards it. A hand grabbed hers, and
pulled her inside the ship, the doors closing behind her.
"Not quite." Andy said, before starting the ship up. Although the
legs were smashed, and now hanging beneath them, the rest of the ship
seemed to be still mostly working, and got them off of the surface.
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