Andy, Rosette- 'Back in-to-the Dangerzone'

"I can't go on..." she said to herself, she could feel the warm blood
almost flooding the inside of her suit. Her vision went blurry for a
second, but in the blizzard, she saw a face appear in front of her.
"Rufus?" she said, reaching out towards it. A hand grabbed hers, and
pulled her inside the ship, the doors closing behind her.
"Not quite." Andy said, before starting the ship up. Although the
legs were smashed, and now hanging beneath them, the rest of the ship
seemed to be still mostly working, and got them off of the surface.
<End Snip>
Who: Andy, Rosette
Where: Planet eBay's Stratosphere
When: 10 minutes after take off
The Blue Midget engine rattled precariously under the hood. Behind
them, the twin leg modules were shattered like glass. In front of
them, the Blue Midget's hull looked a crumbled up piece of paper.
Then to top it all off, the only person conscious to pilot the damn
thing could be shishkabobed and not even notice.
Beside Andy were a half dozen of miniature painkiller bottles.
Whenever he would feel even the briefest jab of pain he would
immediately grab for one. Even then there was only the slightest
inkling of wonder if he was getting addicted to the stuff. "Nah…" Andy
dismissed the notion as he popped off a cap and chugged the entire
Out the corner of his eye the janitor spied the craft above the
planet. His radar blinked angrily at him as it filled up with more
angry pulsating spots than Brittany Spear's… you know what, never mind.
If they were hostile then there was crap all Andy could do about it. A
pained groan came from behind. Rosette lay upon the floor, bleeding
and wounded. The janitor chewed his lower lip. "Holly, take over!"
Andy yelled as he jumped out of the seat and let the preverbal
auto-pilot take over.
As the pull of the Planet's gravity began to give him leeway Andy
slowly began to walk upon the flat surface one more and moved over to
She was in pretty bad shape. At the moment, the stowaway was fading in
and out of consciousness and had two large laser burn injuries. The
first one he noticed was on her lower left leg, taking a small chunk
out of her calf muscle. The other was significantly worse, a fourth
degree burn on her right hip that seared a gaping hole in it and down
to her very bone itself. The size of the wound made his look like pin
The Janitor's mind went awhirl with memories of the past as he tore
the first aid chest off the very wall. Pulling upon the section
labelled 'Laser injuries' he secured the cauterising powder and threw
the box itself next to her. Powder satchel in his jaws, Andy's strong
hands tore her suit apart at the entry wounds. Had she been fully
conscious or in the company of others then this may seem like
violation or at least awkward but in his rush and to a smaller-part,
innocence, the Janitor simply didn't realise the ramifications. A snap
of his teeth and the satchel was open and pouring upon the wounds
Rosette let out a piping scream as an intense spike of pain shot
through her mind. Her eyes were blurred as she looked over a dark
figure. She tried to get up but was stopped as a hand pinned her down
by her upper chest. "Stay still Rosette, you're hurt badly." The voice
was unfamiliar in her current state. "What…what are you doing… to me?"
Rosette mumbled as she lay her head back down and stared at the ceiling.
"Laz-Satchels hurt worse than the injuries but it'll keep long-term
disfigurement to a minimum and speed up the regenerative process."
Andy explained to the dazed girl. He tore open another medium-sized
satchel, pulling out a damp cloth towelette. "This towel is made of
protein so your body won't reject them if I apply them straight to the
injury. It'll stop the bleeding as well as closing off any blood
vessels. They're doused with disinfectant too so they'll fight off
Whoever he was he sounded like he was reciting it from a first aid
booklet. Rosette's eyes rolled in her sockets as she bit back a
scream. Whoever it was that was treating her was rubbing in those
towel-things like they were scratch and sniffs. "…It hurts-" Before
she even got those words out she found the tip of a bottle at her
lips. "Take these, it'll ease the pain." He said before downing a
bottle himself. The man took the back of her head and lifted it
forward as she took it in. The capsule appeared to be filled with tap
water so whoever took it would have it in one dose or not at all.
Suddenly the pain faded away like as though it was never there. "Are…
are you a doctor?" Suddenly the motor-mouthed healer was silent.
"Well… first aid and ground-level medical training for burns are
mandatory for some chemical jobs…so…kinda."
"…Rufus…? Is that you?" She cried softly. The man pulled back a bit.
"No… but he'd kill me slowly if I didn't treat you knowing what I did."
A soft pillow-like object suddenly found itself under her head and a
tissue-thin blanket was thrown over her. "Stay here and don't move. I
Andy clutched his chest as the pain flowed once more. A flick of a
finger and the Janitor downed another capsule of pain-killers. Rosette
turned to him, agony was in her face but he wasn't sure if it was for
him or herself. "I'm fine… just a little woozy."
Andy moved back over to the controls. "Holly, I'll take back the cont-
Gah!! You know what… you can keep them." The janitor groaned. The
painkillers weren't working anymore. Andy pulled the last capsule up
to his face. Through the veil of pain he stared at the end label.
"Well… shit." The moral of this story is, don't get shot by a laser.
"Andy… Andy." Holly spoke over the Janitor's fading grip on
consciousness. "Holly…I can't." Andy groaned as he flopped over the
chair. "Oh good, you're still alive. Well I just wanted to tell you
that we've been captured by the Space Corps and that they'll be
opening the door at any moment."
"*What*?! How the hell did they do that!?!"
"They didn't. The SS 'Oath-keeper' just transmitted a JMC override
code and I just flew right in. You'll be good now I reckon. Toddles-
I'll go back to Blue Dwarf over the Transmitting array."
As Andy's eyes darkened he heard a sharp crack coming from the back
door as Space Corps marines filed on through. Hardly putting up a
fight, the Janitor simply flopped back onto the floor as two marines
pinned him to the ground.
A marine with a red-cross imprinted on his forehead leaned down and
shone a pen light in his eye. After a few seconds of tests he moved to
his left and behind him, presumably to Rosette.
"Where is he?" A wizened, yet oddly familiar voice requested. "Over
there sir… I think. According to your profile, I think you may have
the wrong guy." The solider that held him down by his left shoulder
replied. "Bullshit; let me see his face-!" Andy's head pulled back and
desperately tried to look back whoever it was who was calling the shots.
"…It's him…" Andy's unfocused mind suddenly realised who it was.
"…Chap…man?" he groaned. "Get them both to the Medical units." The
Major-General stated. "I'll handle the paperclip merchants and their
damn server towers." This was the last thing Andy heard before his
mind faded out into blackness.
<Posting tennis with Andy, your serve!>

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