Andy, Rosette- 'Doctor, Doctor!'

"I'm too young to go to prison..." Rosette protested, she felt
helpless, like someone from her past was going to barge into the
Medibay and kill her. She itched for at least one of her knives, to
have the chance to defend herself, but they'd been confiscated for
now. She could see them in a Perspex cabinet, behind a large padlock,
sat on a shelf on the other side of the room. "If only I could get
over there..." she said to herself, the pain in her side being
equalled only by the pain in her leg. The chances of her walking
under her own power were almost non-existent, at least for another
week or two.
<End Snip>
Who: Andy, Rosette, Chapman
Where: Oath-keeper's Medibay
When: 1 day after admittance
"Breakfast is served." The Nurse said in a stale tone. Debatably
human, the 20-something Nurse White's voice, no, entire being, lacked
any semblance of joy or kindness as she pushed the cart into the
Medical bay.
However, Doctor Grubler was something along the lines of liquid honey.
Always happy, always cheerful but if you got too much in one dose it
left a bad taste in your mouth. With this guy it was practically
inevitable. "Hello everyone, it's me, Grubie!" No one but himself
referred to the doctor as 'Grubie'.
Rosette's head rolled over to Andy. "If I spend another night here I'm
going to go insane." She stated in a deadpan but completely serious
tone. The Nurse leaned over to the Janitor-turned-Jailbird and stacked
his side table with what passed for breakfast. Andy looked back at
her. "I'm already on a hunger strike. Sanity would be the next logical
step I suppose." Nurse White rolled her eyes and pulled back the food
onto the cart.
"Hey Nurse, can I have Painkillers instead? I've pretty bad pain in my
stomach-." "Your body is trying to recuperate its blood cell and
plasma loss." Nurse White replied in acidic deadpan. "For that it
needs food. You're not in pain from your injuries. YOU. HAVE. HUNGER.
"I know! It hurts like heck…so can I have some painkillers?"
"Nurse White, please, you're upsetting the patient!" Grubler
immediately rode in on his white horse. "This misunderstanding can be
completely bypassed with a simple sorry! Now Nurse White, say sorry!"
Nurse White stared at the man like he had grown two heads. The Doctor
simply stared at her expectantly, occasionally motioning towards Andy.
The Janitor and the stowaway turned to one another again. "Andy… I
don't want to go insane!" Rosette cried.
"Nurse White! Don't make me pull rank on you!" Grubler stated in a
threatening tone with all the fear-inducing effects of a tranquilised
chicken. White stare turned into a hardened glare. "No." "Can I have
some pain-?" "NO!" White snapped. "Say sorry!" 'Grubie' edged. "NO!!"
The Doctor suddenly grew a smug grin as he set his shoulders back.
"Say you're sorry or else I'll let them on about our little excursions
to the-." "I'm sorry;
White spat out as fast as she could while her cheeks glowed like a
radioactive rose. She turned back at the Doctor and hissed "I loathe
you…" "Correction, you WANT to loathe me…" Grubler replied with a
flippant and knowing smile as he turned to address the other medical
Suddenly Andy found himself held up by the scruff of his neck. Her
eyes blazed like a gateway to hell while her nostrils heaved like a
billows. "You breathe a word of this to anyone and I'll set you on
fire then shoot you out of the airlock…" "Please don't hurt me Mrs
Crazy lady…" Andy mumbled with genuine fear in his eyes. "That's MIZZ
Crazy lady." White snapped before she shoved him back down onto the bed.
Rosette simply sunk into her bed as far as she could go as the Nurse
Breezed by and deposited her breakfast.
Andy turned to the Stowaway. "You, Amber and that nurse could form a
team. You'd make Charlie's angels look like a much of girl scouts."
Rosette perked an eyebrow. "Yeah but with her we'd be more publicly
incorrect than a drunken Mel Gibson."
The doors to the Medibay swung open as an infuriated Chapman walked
through the doors. He immediately looked over to Andy and glared at
him. This glare was something all together special. Before him a grave
injustice had gone to pass. It was as though he'd just seen slavery
reinstated, or OJ Simpson walking free or a Corey Delaney that was not
getting currently getting the shit-balls beaten out of him.
"Hello Chapman… you look… old…" The janitor greeted lamely. "Andy!!"
Rosette snapped angrily. "Well…he is! I can't help it, the last time I
saw him he was only 16!" Andy replied sheepishly.
"Andy…there was a lot that I wanted to talk to you about." The old man
growled as he walked forward. Whatever civil tone he had was only a
technicality. "Like why it's been fifty years and your STILL 23 years
old! Don't you dare give me that time-stasis bullshit! That wasn't
invented until the 80's!"
"Fifty?! Yeah right, he'd been more than 70 years old!" Rosette
replied sceptically.
"…Ever heard of cryo-storage?" Andy asked the former junior police
officer. Chapman guffawed. "Hah! Cryo-storage is a myth! It never came
to pass, you'll have to do better than-." "I'm the reason."
Chapman stopped and stared at him. You could almost see the cogs
whirling in the old man's head just behind his eyes. "Oh my God…
that's why you feel off the grid so completely. You weren't even
alive." "Yeah and no one could unthaw me until someone figured out
how… and when Stasis booths came out. No one wanted to. Blue Dwarf
brought me back… but not without a price. It burnt off all my heat
Rosette nodded in understanding. It wasn't exactly private knowledge
but people didn't really know Andy as it was let alone how he came to
be here.
"So you two know each other?" Rosette asked. Then her more fan-girlish
mind came into play. "You weren't-…?" Chapman immediately got her
meaning while Andy simply tilted his head. "Disgusting woman, your
choice in women hasn't improved from your last girlfriend." Chapman
spat at her, his over-dignified hair bristled.
Andy looked over to Rosette then let out a short snort. "Her? Nah,
she's with someone else. Not my type anyway. Believe me I've learnt my
lesson about bad girls from Shodan."
"Bad girl-?! I'm not a-!!" Rosette's protested where cut off as
Chapman's voice returned. "So why did you do it Andy? Why did you hack
again when you promised, no, SWORE to me that you wouldn't?" Andy
rubbed his nose as he thought. "Because I thought that the only way to
save Blue Dwarf was to draw the most attention onto it. Chapman…
Gary... *I* didn't hack eBay, Hal did. People fear Hal because of what
he can do. They think that he's insane and would sooner plunge the
world into darkness as… well… something really easy and everyday to
do. *I* wouldn't do that, that's the person that I want people to see
me as. People don' realise, no, can't realise that just because that I
did it once that I would do it again."
Rosette's eyes widen as she heard the Janitor's confessions. "Andy… I
never realised… I just thought." "What you wanted to believe. What you
should have believed. Blue Dwarf gave me a fresh start and I just
wanted to-." Andy was cut off by a quiet rumbling noise. Chapman was
Suddenly Doctor Grubler ran over to the Major-General. "Oh dear, oh
dear, oh dear! The Major-General's Narcolepsy has kicked in again!
I'll just put him into one of the beds here…"
Andy raised his eye brow. "Chapman is a Major-General?" Rosette let
out a coy grin. "Well I think that's the very model of a…'Modern
Major-General'." The Janitor did his best to look confused.
Then another face walked through the doors of the Medibay. "No
way…Rufus!" Rosette cried happily as she sat up in her bed.
"Excellent!!" Andy yelled before doing a mock air Guitar. It was then
Rosette's turn to look confused.
The Blonde haired half-GELF ran up to his girlfriend and gave her a
back-breaking hug. Well he would have if Nurse White hadn't given him
a glare that would have given a rabid Polar bear second thoughts.
"I- uhhh… I came over on a Starbug to pick you guys up for transfer
back to Blue Dwarf. You think you can make it?" Efof continued his
explanation under the scrutiny of the Nurse. Rosette gave him a sweet
smile before pulling her bed sheets away. "I THINK NOT!!" Nurse White
shrilly screamed. "I'll not have injured walking though the Medibay
and getting themselves even more hurt in the process!!" Rosette
sneered at the woman as she spoke. "Oh yeah, what are YOU going to do
about it?" The Stowaway scoffed. Nurse white walked straight up to the
woman and glared into her eyes. "*I* run a medical ward full of
masochistic Marines! Those that don't try to run off in the middle of
battle are trying to slip out with limbs hanging on by a thread!!"
"I wonder why…" Rufus mumbled under his breath.
For his sake she didn't seem to hear him. "You will be MOVED to the
Starbug! Keep the beds if you want but you will NOT get off them."
After a few minutes the two non-regulation members of Blue Dwarf were
wheeled out of the room with a confused look on both of their faces.
"So… we're not going to jail then?" Andy asked. "Guess so." Rosette
The second they got around the block they heard a furious bellow.
voice echoed from down the hall.
"… I wonder if insanity is a perquisite for being admitted to the
Space Corps..." Rosette said absent-mindly.
Nurse White turned to the stowaway with an utterly serious look on her
face. "It's a perk."
<Hah, hah! Balls… your turn Andy!>

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