*Actionette* - "Problems with the JMC"

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After a few minutes the two non-regulation members of Blue Dwarf were
wheeled out of the room with a confused look on both of their faces.
"So… we're not going to jail then?" Andy asked. "Guess so." Rosette
The second they got around the block they heard a furious bellow.
voice echoed from down the hall.
"… I wonder if insanity is a perquisite for being admitted to the
Space Corps..." Rosette said absent-mindly.
Nurse White turned to the stowaway with an utterly serious look on her
face. "It's a perk."
Rosette laughed at the crazy Space Corps people before they were
loaded up onto a Starbug, and well on their way back to the Blue
Dwarf. It was the place she called Home now. She'd not been able to
stay anywhere for this long before. Little did they know that Jed was
having a hard time in the Drive room...
Where: Drive-room
Who: Captain Calvert
"Listen to me Calvert, You're a Pirate. There is no place for Pirates
onboard JMC vessels. For all we know, you were in on trying to sell
the ship!" Strangely, the head of JMC's voice had changed. He no
longer sounded excessively camp, but instead was bellowing in the
deep, booming voice that everyone expects of their superiors.
"I 'ad nothin' to do with that!" Jed yelled, "Yer Pirate 'ad me in the
brig!" he added, getting irate. The head of JMC leaned forward in his
"You listen to me. The JMC Blue Dwarf is the laughing stock of space.
Your crew are all misfits, and it's captain is an... ex..pirate." he
started. Jed didn't like the way this was going.
"Hold up there pardner." Jed began, "We ain't got no crew. This
Pirate left 'em all on some planet." he continued, not letting his
boss speak. "Before you go 'an do anythin', you gotta let us pick 'em
up." he finished.
"Ok, We'll let that happen. But we will tow the Blue Dwarf, send us
the coordinates of where they are, and deactivate all of your
engines." the head of JMC demanded, Jed hit some controls, and the
engines powered down.
Where: BD's Medibay
Who: Rosette and Andy
By this time, Rosette and Andy were in the Blue Dwarf's Medibay, the
Keto bot had been reactivated, and was doing his best job at being
annoyingly nice. Rufus had gone to sort out the coordinates of the
planet they needed to go to, and Efof had left to go and clean the
bar, ready for everyone to be back.
"Andy..." Rosette began. Andy looked over. "What do you thinks going
to happen now?" she asked. Andy thought for a second. "Well, we'll
probably go back and get the rest of the crew back... After that, I
don't know..." he finished, and let his head fall to the pillow.
Rosette eventually gave in to the need to sleep, and let herself doze
off to the dream world. Neither of them knew what was going on in the
Drive room, It was probably best that it stayed that way for now.
Where: Drive-room
Who: Captain Calvert
"Calvert..." said Admiral Patterson of the Pink Dwarf. "When the crew
has been retrieved, You will be towed to Earth, and then the Blue
Dwarf will be given a complete overhaul, and the crew will be
replaced. You and the entire crew that has somehow managed to keep
that ship floating will be left on Earth. There is no room for
negotiation." he finished, then cut the communications link.
Calvert swore profanity after profanity. He liked having this ship,
and didn't plan on letting it go without a fight.
"You'll get yours, gay-boy." he finished, before getting up and
heading down to his Moonshine stash, hoping to get blind drunk for
long enough to make this all go away.
Efof found him several hours later slumped over Parrotts bar. The
mild-mannored Ffionion poked him lightly, and jumped back as Jed
stirred like a wild animal.
"Jed.. um... I mean Captain." Efof said.
Jed scrumched up his eyes. Efof was a blur. "Give me some whiskey
laddie." Efof fumbled around with some bottles on the bar.
"Quick! The taste, I need t' get rid!"
Efof thrust a whot into his hand which jed necked instantly. "Better."
he stated.
"Captain. I wanted to talk to you." Efof said, knocking some empty
bottles off the stool next to him and sitting down.
"Whad's up pardner?"
"It's the Flight deck. All the shuttle launch codes have been changed.
I think that other JMC ship did it by remote control. They also
changed the codes for the airlocks, and some other doors."
"What other doors?"
"Well at first i couldnt get into one of the cargobays. It was the one
where we'd been living for a while, and I left a pair of pants in
there that I thought I should move before they become a habitat for a
parasitic civilisation. I couldnt get in, so I tried the other
cargobays. I can't get into them either."
Jed took a deep breath, and rubbed his eye with the palm of his hand.
"JMC overruling protocol 876." He said sullenly. "They don't want us
going anywhere until we get to Earth."
Efof shrugged. "So what we going to do?"
Jed stood up with a determination so great that Efof thought he was
going to say something incredibly inspiring. But Jed swayed and sat
down again.
"We need a plan." Jed decided. "But we need more time. I want you,
Rufus, Rosette and Andy to somehow sneak aboard that thar Pink Dwarf
and stall 'em. Give 'em some gremlins in their machinery so that
they'll not be able to tow us too soon."
Efof stood up. "Yes sir!" he said. Then thought for a moment. "But if
all the shuttles are locked out, and the hangerbay doors are sealed,
how will we-"
"JUST FIND A WAY!" Jed snappped.
Efof nodded and quickly darted out of the room.
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