'Tactical, Medical, Action'

"We need a plan." Jed decided. "But we need more time. I want you,
Rufus, Rosette and Andy to somehow sneak aboard that thar Pink Dwarf
and stall 'em. Give 'em some gremlins in their machinery so that
they'll not be able to tow us too soon."
Efof stood up. "Yes sir!" he said. Then thought for a moment. "But if
all the shuttles are locked out, and the hangerbay doors are sealed,
how will we-"
"JUST FIND A WAY!" Jed snappped.
Efof nodded and quickly darted out of the room.
<End Snip>
Who: Andy, Rosette, Efof, RUFUS!!
Where: Medibay corridor
When: en route to Shellite planet, 0900 hours
Rufus was no action hero.
He preferred running from action instead of towards it at all times.
In the eyes of the other crew members this was the actions of a pure
coward. Rufus disagreed. On Blue Dwarf it truly proved the point that
only the good die young and the young scientist wasn't ready for the
great beyond yet.
This fact brought him back to his current situation.
"Efof… let me go or I'll G.U.N.K you…" Rufus warned with utter
seriousness in his voice. From the lack of fear from the threat
Ffionian either didn't hear him or had some kind of skin resistance to
the highly corrosive substance. Probably something weird, like it
turning into chocolate or 1936 vintage wine when it hit his skin or
"Oh, don't be silly Rufus!" Efof replied chirpily as he led him down
the corridor by his forearm. "I'll explain the situation when I get
down to the Medibay. For now just trust me, okay?"
Rufus sneered in disbelief as he looked down at the deactivated laser
pistol in Efof's hand. "Yeah, I suppose the gun is just there for
emotional support right?"
"Got any twos?" Rosette's voice could be heard as they approached the
Medibay. "Son of a-…how the hell do you keep guessing?!" Andy whined
in response.
"Oh… just lucky I guess." She replied with a beaming grin. Stealing a
look at the medical mirror placed just above the Janitor.
Efof suddenly burst through the Medibay doors, dragging a hapless
Rufus behind him. "Hi guys!" The cheerful alien stated with a wave
from both of his left hands. Rosette returned the wave to Efof and
gave a Rufus a suggestive wink. The red rising in the boy's cheeks
acknowledged that he 'got it'.
Andy acknowledged them both with a nod and turned back to his
bunk-mate, picking out the two in-between his fingers.
"Okay, ready?" "Yup." "Now… throw it!" Rosette called as Andy
attempted to toss the card to her like a Frisbee, only for it to dip
down half way through and slide under her bed and joining the other
ten cards under there.
"This isn't working…" Andy pointed out perceptively.
Efof gave a bemused smirk before wiping it off. "Andy, Rosette, Rufus…
we've been called here for a reason." The alien began the exposition.
The boy-scientist wrenched his arm free of the Alien's grip with an
insulted glare.
"What would that be, a cat-scan? God knows everyone on this ship needs
one." Andy replied sarcastically. Getting shot tended to wear on your
sense of humour, or lack thereof.
"Except Seymour, he'd need an enema too." Rosette added with a knowing
"Well, that's kinda what this is all about." Efof said in an uneasy
tone. Rufus blinked before asking in an incredulous tone. "We're going
to give Seymour an enema?!"
"NO!! …Though that would be hilarious." The Ffionian admitted, tapping
his chin. "No, listen! JMC, the Blue Dwarf, they're going to-!" "Give
us medals?" Rosette cut in. "So they damn well should! Where the hell
were they when we were getting shot at?"
"Wait, wait, before you say one more word Efof, this isn't good news
is it?" Andy asked with a knowing look on his face.
Efof chewed his lower lip and nodded.
Immediately Andy tossed his cards over his shoulder. Pulling up his
sheets he flattened his bed and turned away from the Alien on his bed.
"Whatever this is, I want no part of it."
"Andy!" Rosette scowled indignantly, though she was kind of feeling
the same way.
"The JMC… they think that the Blue Dwarf's crew is unfit to occupy it.
So they're going to tow us back to Earth then pretty much kick
everyone off of it." Efof explained, life off Blue Dwarf wouldn't the
end of the world but this was his home. Rosette let out a strained
laugh while Andy looked back at Efof. "They 'think'? I seriously doubt
that a Blue Dwarf manned solely by chimpanzees could have done any worse!"
"I know we're not all of us are top-tier officers or anything." Efof
began uncertainly, but soon his speech picked up tempo. "Heck, no one
in this ROOM was even hired by JMC before they set foot on Blue Dwarf
in the first place! But somehow, despite this weird mix, Blue Dwarf
just… works! We've saved the world and sometimes even the universe,
pretty much annually! We'd be putting Earth in danger if we just let
them disband us!"
"I'll do it." Rufus stated. "If it means that you won't drag me around
anymore." "I'll do it!" Rosette added, giving another glance at the
scientist. (Because it means that I'll be watching Rufus's back… and
maybe his-.)
"No!" Andy snapped indignantly. "My weekly limit for putting my life
in danger has already gone past and is now in the 'kamikaze' zone."
Efof looked down at the Cleaner's turned back. "If they fire you,
they'll keep the skutters."
Andy's hand immediately snapped over to painkiller bottle, snapped it
open and downed it. A wild expression appeared on his face. "What are
we waiting for then?!"
The Ffionian nodded empathically. "What Jed wants us to do is to
somehow disrupt Pink Dwarf's…erm…something. He wasn't specific on that
detail. Whatever we do though we better to it fast, Jed's only having
us do this to get some extra time to think." Rufus let out a deep
sigh. "Problem is everything that can move on and off the Blue Dwarf
is locked. So not only do we have an impossible task of getting TO the
Pink Dwarf, but we ALSO have to get enough time for *Jed* to think of
a proper course of action that won't get us all put in prison!" The
scientist turned to the bed-ridden two. "I'm a scientist, not a
miracle worker!"
"Alright, alright, we'll work out the details later." Andy stated,
settling into quasi-leadership mode. "When we DO get on Pink Dwarf I
don't understand how you would need us. I'm only good at shooting
bazookoids and mopping up floors while Rosette is good at killing
things, though she has shown herself to be pretty good at blending
in." Once again the Janitor swept his hacking abilities under the
carpet. If he didn't give Rosette a pleading look to play along she
would have thrown her bed pan at him.
The improv-war room continued on while Rosette zoned out. Her eyes
suddenly flicked over to Efof's sidearm. 'Shooting my way aboard won't
help' she thought. 'Erggh, my side canes…this ship's medi-bay really
"Efof!" Rosette called out. The Alien's head flicked up. "Could I have
a quick look at your pistol?"
Efof shrugged at Rufus then threw her the Laser pistol. Despite her
injured state she caught it deftly.
Rufus immediately caught the wild glint in her eyes as she flicked the
pistol's select fire over to 'Full Auto'.
"Get down!!" Rufus crowed as he dragged Efof to the floor. Andy's arms
whipped up to his face as beams of florescent light tore through the
medical equipment with ease. Scraps of slag metal flew through the
air, computers imploded from the unending assaults and cloth went up
in flames.
As quickly as it started it stopped, with a positively radiant Rosette
lowering her side arm.
The three men simply at the woman who, in that moment, had more
testosterone then all of them combined.
A whirl of spindly wheels heralded the coming of Charles Keto. "Oh-oh
my! What happened here? Is anyone hurt?!" Rosette smirked down at the
robot. "Weapons accident. All medical equipment is destroyed. So the
facilities are insufficient and we NEED to transport to Pink Dwarf."
Dr. Keto scratched his cylindrical brain canister. "But I'M not
injured, I can still heal you!" Only to have Rosette's gun planted on
it's forehead(?) "On second thought, I was deactivated in the closet
at the time!" Before the robot turned and wheeled away.
Rosette looked back up at the two. "Well Efof… on your bike. Go tell
them that we have to spend the remainder of our time on the Pink
Dwarf." The Ffionian gave a curt nod before he turned and ran back out
the corridor. Rufus simply stood in the corner looking inadequate.
Andy stared at the quasi-mercenary. "Someone told me once that life
isn't like a movie. Now I know the truth. He was ****ing lying."
<Alrighty then. It's set up, tag over to Andy!>
OOC: I kinda doubt that we'll be able to smuggle aboard all four of
them. Maybe we could have them as close relatives or something that
they need for moral support? Or maybe something else even more
outlandishly, like lawyers recording their will?

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