No one suspects the Butterfly!

Rosette looked back up at the two. "Well EfofÂ… on your bike. Go tell
them that we have to spend the remainder of our time on the Pink
Dwarf." The Ffionian gave a curt nod before he turned and ran back out
the corridor. Rufus simply stood in the corner looking inadequate.
Andy stared at the quasi-mercenary. "Someone told me once that life
isn't like a movie. Now I know the truth. He was ****ing lying."
Who: Kinda everyone
when: About now
Where: Alot of places.
Efof retreated from the Medi-Bay, and headed towards the drive room.
The rest of the group in the medi-bay continued to plan the offensive.
"Ok, Once we're on, will you be able to hack an entry in the crew
roster for me?" Rosette asked Andy. She'd seen his hacking abilities
first hand, her mind was a blur of whirring gears as she figured out a
way to do this.
"I don't hack anymore." Andy said, enhancing his previous statement
that he didn't want to be a part of any of this. Rosette sighed.
"Come on! I need you here!" she said, "It's only one thing..." she added.
Andy lay on his bed facing away from her for a while. Eventually he
sighed and turned around.
"Ok, I'll do it. But only because its saving this ship." he replied,
instantly turning Rosette's face into a huge smile.
Rufus looked over to her, not sure what she was planning. He sat on
the end of her bed. "What have you got in mind?" he asked. She'd
helped to save everyone from becoming slaves already, and while he had
found where the crew had been left, he hadn't had much else to do with
saving anyone.
It was at this point that the brain bot known as Keto rolled out into
the room again.
"I was in the cupboard, not hearing any of this, when i found this."
he said, his small arm barely able to lift the bottle that he was
holding out towards them. "The label says it repairs tissue damage
with no lasting side effects..." Rosette instantly reached for it,
and rubbed it over her wounds, not knowing the reputation of Keto's
Rufus looked horrified at her. "You don't know what that could do to
you!" he yelled. He'd been around long enough to at least have seen
some of the side effects running free around the ship.
"It's ok... I feel fine.." she began, before lying back down on the
bed suddenly, and twitching like she had lost all motor control. She
opened her mouth and screamed enough to almost send Rufus flying off
of the end of her bed. Her skin began to go green, spreaing from the
wounds all over her. As soon as the green had got everywhere, her
skin began to bubble.
"whats happening?" she managed between screams. No one could do
anything, they just sat there helpless. After a minute or two of
this, she looked more like a giant insect than a human. She had
expanded to be a few inches bigger in every dimension, and suddenly
froze where she was sat, silent.
Rufus and Andy looked at each other, and gulped. Rufus reached out,
and touched her head. He looked confused. "Solid..." he said, tapping
it, and receiving a sound not unlike hitting a hollow wooden box.
"Rosette?" he asked. Nothing.
"Come on! Get your asses in here!" Dante yelled from inside the giant
ball of shells. The security grunts filed in, bringing with them the
two hostages. Several of the crew were still outside the ship, with
no clear way to get to it, for all the shellites shelling them (see
what i did there?).
Little did they know that if they were to launch soon, it would be
perfect timing to meet the Blue and Pink Dwarf in orbit.
Back in the medi-bay, Rosette couldn't move. She felt like she was in
some kind of coccoon. She couldn't even move enough to make a noise
to let everyone know she was ok. Her wounds had healed, but she was
in a green coccoon that looked exactly like she did.... although
green, and bigger.
<Tag! come on everyone, time to get into space, and back to the 'Dwarf!>

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