'Bay to bay'

Back in the medi-bay, Rosette couldn't move. She felt like she was in
some kind of cocoon. She couldn't even move enough to make a noise
to let everyone know she was ok. Her wounds had healed, but she was
in a green cocoon that looked exactly like she did.... although
green, and bigger.
<End Snip>
Who: Andy, Rosette & Rufus
Where: Medibay
When: mid-warp to Shellite planet, 1000 hours
Andy turned away from the girl's bed began to count to 10. Slapping
the palm on his face and dragging it down with an exceedingly long
sigh. Efof was off getting clearance for the transfer. Rosette had
just grown an *entire* two inches thicker and turned green. Her
clothing had bubbled in and 'melted' in with her skin, creating a
rough line around where her clothes once were. Even if she hadn't
wiped out the Medical bay she'd need some serious doctorial attention
paid to her. Worse of all, her face was contorted into a half-yell
expression that was immediately warped by the growth.
All in all, she was still slimmer and better looking than some women
he'd seen on the Goldcoast's beaches.
However, the young scientist was not exactly taking it too well. Nary
saying a word and merely giving Rosette a constant bug-eyed stare.
Andy clenched his teeth and turned back to him. "Rufus, pack your head
in! This changes nothing. Thanks to 'Rosambo' we now have an even more
vital reason to get to Pink Dwarf!"
"Hey guys!" Efof practically slide into the medical bay. "I've got the
transmission to-…" The alien stopped and stared at encased Rosette
with an expression of confusion. "I wouldn't expect myself to be an
expert on humans… but that's not normal, right?" Rufus looked up at
Efof with an unchanging slack jawed expression of shock and horror.
"Stow it Efof, I've had enough of this for a day. Just detach my
Medi-bed and get me to the bay they're picking us up in." He twisted
his head up over to the still hesitating Rufus. "Oh for- would you
just put a towel over her face or something!?"
Who: Admiral Patterson
Where: Pink Dwarf drive room
When: On the way to planet Shellite, 1100 hours
Admiral Patterson wrung his wrists and paced left and right on the
admittedly cramped drive room. He'd felt decidingly un-fabulous after
previous announcement to Blue Dwarf. A great many things were on his
mind. Firing an entire crew, JMC's interaction with the Space corps in
general and lets not forget the whole pirate business. The very
thought that he could be parted with his own crew was criminal.
Actually, you could say that he felt strongly against it…so much so
that…he might actually go against orders.
Yes- that was indeed a thought, he could-.
"Admiral Patterson…owar blue midget has returned with ze vounded from
ze Blue Dwaarf." The bulky, muscular communications officer barked.
Like a throng of paparazzi being exposed to raw sunlight, the Admiral
cringed as his train of thought was scattered to the four corners of
the earth. "Err…thank you Ensign Leuchtenmueller. Now, WHY are you
telling me NOW?"
The large, muscular, woman stood to her full hight. All 7 foot of it
and unnaturally growled out the message from her comms. "Ze Dwaarf's
medical bay is broken. Critically vounded crew members. One member
capable of lucid thought despite heavy injury, other in stable
condition despite being…"
She bared in teeth in confusion then rubbed her eyes with her massive
The Admiral stared at the woman wide-eyed for a moment before
following up. "…despite being…?" He requested, rocking forward. The
crew members around him seemed to mimic his actions.
"…Covered vith a shell-like substance." The actually completely
heterosexual ensign rattled off.
The Admiral rubbed his chin, his mouth constricting into an O-shaped
hole. Perhaps he should focus his attention upon the two wounded crew
members. Afterall, they had both been in pretty rough shape over that
pirate attack… whoever they were. Now all he had to do for that was-.
"ADMIRAL." Another crew member squawked. "WE ARE OUT OF THE WARPAND
and hard as both his mind and his ear drums attempted to recover from
vicious assault. "Ah… thank you Ensign Capps-."
"Now…whatever was I doing…? Oh pish-tosh. Ensign Leuchtenmueller; hail
the planet." Patterson stated, pointing out of the tiny bridge window
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