*Actionette* - The Shellite ship

Who: Seymour, Dante, Mk10, Jay and Chris Harris
Where: The Shellite ship compound
When: As the ship is boarded
"Come on! Get your asses in here!" Dante yelled from inside the giant
ball of shells. The security grunts filed in, bringing with them the
two hostages. Several of the crew were still outside the ship, with no
clear way to get to it, for all the shellites shelling them (see what
I did there?).
Little did they know that if they were to launch soon, it would be
perfect timing to meet the Blue and Pink Dwarf in orbit.
<end snip>
Seymour had been holding back near the entrance to the compound for
most of the attack. He crouched and watched with panic as everything
got extremely confusing. He stood back and watched Dante and Harris'
teams run screaming into the fray, with bullets and laser blasts going
everywhere, and Mk10's team joining them, holding back to allow Dante
and Harris to flank their enemy and capture them.
Seymour was convinced that the whole thing was a superb military
manoeuvre, but it was all so confusing that he didn't even know if it
had been a success or not. An explosion to his left caught his
attention, and caused him to look behind him to see a team of fresh
Shellite commandos join the fight. He was now caught in-between them
and the fight in front of him. He saw one of them lobbing a grenade,
and he covered his face as it exploded a few meters away from him,
covering him in soil. Seymour grumbled.
Looking back towards the ship, he could see Dante stood at the open
doorway waving him over. Seymour got to his feet and made a run down
the embankment into the compound. The ship was so large that he
couldn't even get a good look at it, it was partly concealed by some
support structures, probably erected over the craft for repairs or
Seymour ducked as another explosion ripped one of the buildings in the
compound apart. Another team of Shellites entered the hole in the
fence that Dante had cut. He reached the hatch where Danteand Harris
were firing constantly at the approaching Shellites.
"Get in!" Dante ordered him with his deep voice. Seymour was in no
position to argue.
Inside, he almost collapsed from exhaustion. Glad to be in some cover,
Seymour rested his arms on his knees and gasped for air.
"Looks like you need more exercise!" Mk10 mocked. Seymour gave him a
"There's more enemy teams out there." he said. "Coming this way."
Jay nodded, and pointed to Mk10 who had plugged himself into a
computer. "Don't worry. Mk's working on it. This ship has a brand new
repulsion field that we're just about to turn on once we've figured
out how their computer system works."
"Hey? Who's this 'we'?" said Mk. "You mean me right?" he sighed. "Give
me two ticks."
Seymour nodded, and looked around. The insides of the ship weren't
what he was expecting at all. It was clean, and smartly designed. It
was militaristic, but not the usual 'gunmetal grey' that everything
seemed to be. It had shiny surfaces, and wall mounted lights casting a
cool warm glow that made Seymour relaxed, despite the frantic battle
outside. Seymour looked back to Dante outside, and wondered how much
more ammunition he had left.
"Hurry!" Dante called.
"I'm trying! Bloody McAfee keeps trying to block everything I do!"
said Mk10.
Dante grumbled. Next to him, Chris Harris' gun made a sad noise.
"Dante! I'm out!" he said, as the lights faded from his laser rifle.
As Dante rummaged around for a spare power cell, a grenade exploded
above their heads, knocking Chris to the ground. The more sturdy Dante
remained on his feet, but his ears rang. Looking down, Dante picked
his bruised superior officer up with one fist and helped him to his feet.
"I'm fine." Said Chris, checking his already bleeding arm. "I can't
seem to stop getting injured today.... LOOK OUT!"
With his attention divided, Dante has let some of the soldiers get
close. A team of five men had been hiding behind some metal
containers, and now two of them were running towards Dante, firing
A spray of bullets headed towards the Blue Dwarf security officers,
and then stopped.
Dante blinked and wondered why several bullets were hanging in the air
just in front of them, and why a grenade lobbed by one of the men
behind the crates was levitating a meter above his head.
With no conception of why he did it, Dante reached out with his left
hand to touch the bullets that were floating motionless in front of
him. Before he could touch them, they repelled themselves backwards at
enormous speed, passing straight through the two Shellite commandos.
The grenade above them flew back to the man who lobbed it, and
exploded behind the crates, throwing men up into the air.
"The repulsion field's working!" Mk10 called out of the hatch.
"Thanks. I can tell." Said Dante, turning his back on the Shellite
soldiers behind him who he was now safely shielded from.
Inside, Seymour had walked to the end of the room where Mk10 was,
where a corridor lead into two directions. He moved his fingers over a
map of the ship.
"Chaps!" he called back, as Chris and Dante appeared inside. "We might
have a problem."
Chris walked over and read what Seymour was pointing to. "Damn,
there's a security team posted onboard."
"Damn. I hate those security team bastards." Dante said sarcastically,
appearing behind Harris.
Harris turned and grinned. "But are they any match for us?"
Dante shrugged his massive shoulders. "Bring 'em on."
"Woah, woah, woah!" Said Jay waving his arms. "As much as I like a
good fight, I don't think here's a good place. Look at all this
equipment, I haven't figured out how to fly this ship yet, but I'm
pretty sure if you start shooting everything up, it'll not make it
Mk10 nodded in agreement.
Seymour traced his fingers around the map then moved to look at an
internal Security monitor. "Actually I don't think we'll have a
problem. It looks like they're all in their crew quarters here – and
they're all asleep!"
"Good." Said Jay, "But I doubt they will be once we start to take off."
"Depends who's driving." Seymour quipped.
Jay looked towards Dante and Chris. "You two go and quietly lock them
in their quarters. Hopefully then they'll stay out of our way. But be
careful, there might be any number of people left on this ship,
technicians, or security, or even repair crew."
"I think we can handle it." Shrugged Dante.
Dante and Chris walked off, and Jay turned to Mk10. "When you were
plugged in did you find how to pilot this thing?"
"We're in the wrong control room. It's the other end of the ship, this
is actually the back."
Jay scratched his head. "Great. Lead the way."
Mk10 reached for his gun and lead them down the corridor.
PS. We haven't yet established what this ship is for. Is it military?
Is it for scientific purposes? Is there something unusual or
experimental aboard? What's the ship's name? You decide!

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