Andy Roos - "Baldie's Back"

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Who: Andy, Skutters, Holly
Where: Deep within the ship's life-support systems
When: seconds after the previous post (but before Andy meets Seymour)
The second the buzzing stopped Andy pulled his wrist back and beheld
the face that had acted as he make-shift 'boss' ever since he'd
arrived aboard the ship. "…Holly?" The Janitor drawled in confusion.
He hadn't seen the AI's glorious balding head since Boris took over.
"Hey Andy… you good?" The AI asked with a blank grin.
<End snip>
Looking down at his wrist before resting back on Holly's sleepy brown
eyes Andy's mouth slowly curved to form the words. "I don't suppose
this about that new firmware is it?" Holly gave an apologetic gesture
before shaking his head.
"'Faid not mate...your temperature monitor has a back up of me on it.
I'm just downloading my stored up memory- hang on a tick!" The AI
replied with an increasingly dire tone. "I'm not going to like this
am I?" "Andy… you remember how that Boris chap took over the ship?"
"He shut me down. According to my logs I got the plug pulled
yesterday evening… under the Captain's orders." Andy blinked in
confusion at the AI's words. "Andy, the smegger's trying to take over
the ship. If he can delete me once he can do it again. So put me back
into your wrist."
The janitor took a step back. "I'm not sure I like the idea of you…
in my body." The AI gave a cheeky grin. "Oh c'mon, it's not like I'm
going to pull an Mk 9 on ya." Andy bore his teeth at the balding
robot's face in a sneer. "It's not like YOU have anything to lose. If
you cark it it's just 'back up time!' Me, I've only got one shot here
so don't you go calling ME jumpy!"
"Andy, I have the IQ of 6000. I've run trillions of calculations and
all of them say the chance of me entering into your body to turn out
hazardous would be positively nil!"
"Calcuations?! What number told you it'd be alright to pop into my
skin!?! The square root of 239 reckons its 'Okay' for you to Trans
over to my body!?!"
Holly gave him the bemused look of a weary schoolmaster. "Andy when
have I ever done you wrong, eh? I helped you out when you got lost
down in the cargo decks, I vouched for you when Jed wanted to space
you, and I also overlooked all the mysteriously 'free' food you were
getting all the time. So Andy, please…help me, help yourself and
above all- help the crew. No one else can do this but you."
Andy peered at the grinning AI construct for a few seconds. He
finally raised his wrist up to the screen to allow the transfer back.
Surprisingly the Janitor didn't feel that different after the AI came
back onboard. Other than the slight buzzing on his wrist he seemed
'There, wasn't that bad now was it?'
"WHAT THE HELL-?!" Andy crowed for the second time in as many
minutes. He heard a sighing noise that he couldn't quite pin
point. 'Calm down Andy! It's me- Holly!' The middle-aged man pushed
as gently and as patiently as it could.
"Where-?! Where are you-?!"
'You ear Andy… I'm just vibrating a bone in your inner ear. It's
synthesising my voice to your head.'
"Oh… okay…"
'Remember if we see anyone else don't talk back to me. Don't want
draw attention before due time eh?'
Andy looked down at his Skutters with a look determination on his
face. "076, 243, 123 and 254; I want you to go back to your duties.
In case of an emergency I want 001 and 001 alone to assist me-
understood?" The Skutters peer at one another before they gave back
an ecstatic nod.
Turning away from his only family, the Janitor's heavy boots clomped
down the steel catwalk with each step.
"Alright Holly, what's the plan?"
'First we're going to drive room.' Holly replied with a tone of
"Why's that? Not that I'm doubting your logic Holly but I don't think
that we can call anyone that can help us other than getting us blown
out of the sky." Andy replied evenly.
'Don't worry Andy. Just do as I say and Blue Dwarf will be safe

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