Rosette - "Espionage Action"

Who: Just read and find out.
Where: Here and There.
When: During and after the meeting in post 'water parks and mutiny'
"So they're gonna get rid of us all anyway..." Rosette said to
herself. She was lying on her bed, close to the wall. One leg was up
on the other, tapping away on the wall. She looked around her room.
It was her room, her home.
"There's no way I'm letting that smeghead get us all killed." She said
to herself, throwing herself from the bed, landing on all fours next
to it. She quickly got to her feet, and headed to the door. "If I
don't stop him, who will?" she asked herself as she walked towards the
drive room.
"I'm not even part of the crew!" she said, talking to herself as she
walked. "If we turn him over to the JMC, then maybe they'll let us
all go, and maybe even give me a job!" she carried on. As she walked,
she noticed a few of the higher-up people walking in the same direction.
"A meeting?" she said to herself, ducking away into the shadows of an
un-lit corridor. She slowly walked deeper into the darkness, until
the friendly face of an air-vent showed itself. "Perfect".
Climbing into it, she replaced the grill behind her, and clambered
onwards. "I want to know whats going on..." she said to herself as
she crawled through the cramped vents. "This better be worth it." she
commented, approaching the sounds of voices.
She looked down into a room. It looked like someones quarters. She
looked around all the faces, some she recognised, some she didn't.
"Due to Calvert's actions since becoming captain of the ship, the
JMC have decided to recall the Blue Dwarf, and re-crew it." said the
one at the head of the table. From this angle, she couldn't recognise
him by face, but the voice sounded like one of the pilots. She
listened on.
"And us?" Mutted Keto.
"It isn't clear" Mk.10 offered "But it seems to suggest that we'll
all be let go." She recognised the voice of Mk.10, being the only
digitally synthesised voice on the ship. She listened to Seymour
blabbering about useless crap for a while, before she heard a word she
had been listening for the whole time she was there.
She jumped for joy as she heard it, banging her head on the roof of
the vent. Luckily, everyone below her erupted with a cry of "WHAT!?"
That was enough for Rosette. She carried on crawling past the room,
and left the ventilation system, hanging around in the darkness until
people began to leave. Seymour was the first, probably wanted to wash
the taste of cheap wine from his mouth, she thought.
Strangely, he headed to one of the Communications sections. Seymour
rarely touched computers, but Rosette just hid out of sight long
enough to hear the voice of Andy.
"It won't let you. The program I mean. It's been programmed to stop
anyone from turning us over to the SpaceCorps." Said Andy.
"On who's orders?" asked Seymour.
"The Captain's of course." came Andy's reply, before Rosette left that
scene too.
"Jay!" Rosette called, watching him leave the room she'd been spying
on earlier. She remembered his name now, and wanted to help.
"Yes?" he replied, just as he locked his door.
"I want to help. Seymour just tried to contact the space corps, but
it got blocked..." she informed him. Jay quickly opened his door, and
pulled her inside.
"Where?" Jay asked, now that they were somewhere that was less open to
intrusion from Jed.
"In a computer room on F deck." she said, "Andy the Janitor set it up,
he's a hacker." she continued, letting him know everything.

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