"The Agency" part 3

Who: Annie
Where: An office in a universe beyond our own
When: Almost half past infinity (time for a diet coke break)
Annie sat back in her chair. Her pet project universe L-388 wasn't
going so well, but she was almost past the point of caring. She'd
tried her best to be nice to people in it, but where did it get her?
Absolutely nothing she had changed had actually improved the universe
in any of the parallel variations.
She looked over the divider to Barry's desk. He had a bronze
clockwork solar system, it looked like an antique. But the planets
were perfectly represented.
Barry sat idly spinning the planets in the solar system faster and
faster. One fell off and shot across the desk. It bounced off the
floor and fell into a black hole that someone was testing on the
other side of the room.
"Hey watch it Barry, this is unstable as it is!" they shouted.
Annie put her hand to her mouth in shock. "Barry!" She scolded. "What
did you... those poor, poor people!"
Barry shrugged. "They had it coming. Their planet was on a 39.Y%
axis, they'd not have survived long anyway."
"Couldnt you have saved them? Helped them?"
Barry rolled his eyes and explained slowly as if talking to a
child. "The neighbouring planet will now think deep and spiritually
about how why their brightest star has disappeared and will form a
religion so powerful that will spread to other worlds and bring them
civilisation and culture a few hundred years earlier. So in a way,
I've helped more people."
"By creating a dangerous religion?"
Barry grinned. "You're still thinking too much like a human Annie!"
Annie slumped back into her chair. She fiddled with the book she had
on her shelf. "The idiots guide to universe manipulation." she read
aloud. Sometimes she really felt like an idiot.
A loud slam caught her by surprise and she looked up. A man with
constantly changing clothes stood before her. She'd never get used to
the way that his clothes changed from one moment to the next.
"More poss-parallels for you." He said with a grin.
"Oh cheers Potential." She said, and looked at the data. As he was
walking away she called after him. "Potential?"
He turned back.
"Is this all for L-388?"
He nodded. "I was in the Quantum Matrix this morning, that okay?"
"Yeah sure." she said, her face scrunched with confusion. He walked
off and she flicked through the hefty book.
Fury seemed to well within her as she flicked through the pages.
After a few moments she stood up and walked around to Barry's desk.
"Have you been messing with my universe?" She asked.
Barry bounced a small planet on the floor and caught it. "I thought
you needed some more options." He said.
"Yes, but... I can do this myself you know!"
"Can you?"
"Yes!" She said adamantly. Her eyes then narrowed into slits. "I'll
show you!" She said.
<What will happen? There are endless possibilities!>

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