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thanks muchly to those who responded. I have already started one and will have it up soon. To: JMC_Blue_Dwarf@yahoogroups.comFrom: theonion770@...Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 22:50:29 +0000Subject: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Re: (OOC) joint post anyone?

I think we can bend the rules for people looking to start JP's or
subplots, because it's directly related to posting. And not everyone
checks the forums regularly.
Most of the time you can contact people directly by email, but this
might not always be practical.
OOC's in the group are okay, we set up the rule to stop long
discussions in the main story list that people have to trawl through
to get to the proper story. This being one of those annoying
discussions, let's stop it!
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> OOC's are allowed so long as it makes Onion look an idiot.
> So says me.
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> OOC stuff like this should go there. Shame on you Onion and Andy
> your OOC's, you'll give the members bad habits.
> :D
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> >
> >
> > anyone want to make a joint post so we can this ball rolling. I
> a few concepts in my head. Mail be backor hit me up on MSN for
> details.
> >
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