JP: Operator

'Operator' Who: KaraWhere: Krylon flag shipWhen: Six hours after the reformat Kara was sitting in the Krylon control room inputing somedata into the system. 'This is the exact location your forces shouldbefocused on. I will go and watch to make sure they follow my exactorders.' She said to the Commander as he looked over her plans. TheCommander looked at the Krylon who was working with a control panel. 'Soyou have total control and access?' He asked. The Krylon looked up andnodded his head. 'Total. The Space Corp were foolish to put all of thisdata in a hologram.' He said. Kara got up and headed out towards to thelanding bay so she could get into her control ship. Stop dammit! What the smeg are you doing? You kill everyone! You're not thiscrazy!!!  Kara screamed at herself in her head but still her body wouldnot respond. She entered a lift and two guards entered to escort her. In her mind Kara wasfighting hard to gain control but that damned device that was attached to herlight-bee wasn't letting her do anything. If she wasn't able to stop them thenwho the hell would. The lift stopped and Kara walked out. She approached thestrange mechanical mass that was to be her transport. SOMEONE STOP ME!!!  Kara shouted but realized it was useless no onecould hear her. She climbed into the ship and fired the engines. Simultaneously all the rest ofthe Krylon fleet that was under her orders fired up as well sending aterrifying roar through the air. She flicked on the comm systems and clearedher throat. 'You have the targets location pre-loaded into your navigationsystems. Once the target is taken out we come back around and take out thesurvivors of the Dauntless crash.' She ordered. All the ship launchedstaying ahead of her so she could survey the battle. We can't do that! If we take out that spacestation their chances of survivalwould be hopeless. Smegging Space Corp! Why'd ya have to put this smegginginformation in my drives? Kara felt her body brush over a terminal inlet while movingaway from the comms line. Suddenly she felt a brain wave spike through hersystem. If she could just... Sure enough the light bee forced her hand over past theterminal once more. Gathering as much mental strength as she could, at theright moment she forced her hand forward. In a half second she sent all shepossibly could over a random earth frequency.Kara could only hope that it was enough. ~~Who: AndyWhere: SC vanWhen: Simultaneously The janitor pressed the blue-tooth sized phone up to hisear. His hand flicked over a fold-out number pad which fortunately had Brailleon it as it was hanging off the side of his head. Obviously it wasn't a normalcall, so no 1800 numbers here, rather it was a set (and secure) frequency thatcould get through to the normal phone lines. Andy just hoped the damn thing worked  An odd internet-sounding buzz and squeal came from the micro-phone.Andy just grimaced and waited it out. Then the noise began to pick up in volumeand pitch. The janitor grit his teeth as the sound borrowed through his skull. He wanted to tear it away but his hand just wouldn't listen,it was almost like he understood.  Muffled yelling came from behind him but it sounded likethey were 50 metres away with towels wrapped around their heads.Suddenly both of them grabbed him by the shoulders and torethe phone away from his ear. The first smashed the phone against the ground andbegan to wildly stomp on it. Andy then noticed the stabbing pains and the blood runningdown from his right ear. The phone had just burst one of his ear drums and hadcaused similar distress to both of the agents. A feeling of vertigo washed overthe janitor who promptly slumped to the ground with a stunned look on his face.Hardly noticing that his wrist timer now displayed ablonde-haired woman with a Blue Dwarf uniform. ~~Who: KaraWhere: Krylon flag shipWhen: Half second after the previous incident Kara's hand continued on and poured the ships power into theforward shields. If the light bee noticed the information that had been sentout it didn't seem to care. Mentally the hologram curled up. She wasn't evensure if her gamble had worked. Maybe she should try again? She bit her lip atthe thought. Doubt and panic began to creep in. She sucked in a deep (non-existent) breath.  Okay Kara, get a grip,get a grip... self-control... I can't save anyone if I don't have self- Kara looked up. All of a sudden it was like she had a thirdeye. Another perspective, from a small camera-like view she observed a staggered,dirty-looking young man lying on the floor... and was now staring wide-eyedright at her  Express yourself wherever you are. Mobilize!

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