Andy, Kara- 'Directed'

Who: Andy
Where: SC van
When: 2 minutes after previous
SC black ops agents one and two panicked.
"He's dead! Holy shit, I think he's dead!!" The first yelled while
attempting to give him CPR for a burst ear drum and light headedness.
"Shut up, shut up! I'm trying to get some medical advice here!!" The
other replied while slamming the keys on the phone. The phoning agent
pressed the earpiece so far into his ear that you could have thought
it was a bionic implant.
Both moved around the cabin restlessly while the phone dialled out...
waiting for the operator to pick up. "Eh; hello, hello- you seek
medical advice, yes?" A heavily accented voice filtered in through the
"WHAT?! How the hell did you get this line!?! This is a SC top secret
line you've tapped into-!!" "No anymore..." The first mumbled before
blowing into Andy's mouth. "-I'm going to have our lawyers so far up
Suddenly another voice struggled onto the phone, only this one clearly
"Hello? Is this agent 48,539, on assignment 'Daedalus'?"
The agent's facial features froze before replying. "Erm... yes."
"Congratulations, this line REMAINS untapped and you've just been
speaking to our chief medical officer straight from India. Did I
mention that he has a genius level IQ?" The second sat and placed his
hand over his face while his superior officer gave him a valuable lesson.
Andy's eyes snapped open and immediately right hooked the agent
hovering over him. It wasn't in his nature to be so violent, but after
having your ear drum burst then being molested for the past few
minutes he wasn't exactly in his right mind.
Much like a drunken calf the janitor pulled himself up and away from
the two agents. Within a few steps the ground disappeared out from
under him as he tumbled out of the back of the van.
A puff of dust soon followed while the similarly clouded janitor's
mind told him the best response to this situation was to cheese it in
a random direction.
Once again pulling himself up, Andy staggered off into the bush with
yells of confusion and demands to stop pieced the night.
This whole incident gave him a valuable life lesson.
Never approach a black van and ask to use their phone without ear plugs.
Who: Andy, Kara
Where: Scrublands
When: One hour afterwards
It had been almost an hour after Andy began running. He wasn't even
sure if they were following him or not. To be honest if they were it
wouldn't have been too hard. Just follow the trail of ear blood and
flats of where he tripped over every minute or so.
Slowly the Janitor forcefully began to clam himself. Doubling over and
heaving wildly. He took a long sweeping look in all directions, Looked
like he was safe for now.
After all that running he was sure that his body was over heating
away. The beeping from the timer didn't seem to be reaching his
punctured ear.
Andy pulled up his arm and saw not a timer but a woman frantically
yelling in mute to get his attention. It was only then that Andy
realised that the pulsing pain from his ear, the light headedness and
the loss of balance all came from a burst ear drum. Hey cut him some
slack. Not exactly everyday this happens.
Pausing to look at her, it appeared that she finally calmed down
somewhat. The blood pumping in the only ear that still worked was
drowning out the already quiet microphone from wrist display. In the
end it was a simple matter to turning up the sound and pressing his
right arm up against his left ear.
"...Erm... can you hear me now?" She asked. Her voice was decidedly
British, Seemingly a staple for most 'Dwarf workers.
"*Puff* Yeah... Sorry 'bout that... couldn't *cough* hear you." Andy
replied while attempting to get his wind back.
"Ah... that would explain it. I'm not sure how I reached you, or why
this line is still open but my name is Kara McGellen. Sorry to sound
cliché... but you're Earth's only hope."
"...Sounds familiar." The janitor stated, preferring to use little worlds.
"This isn't a joke! The earth is in.... I'm sorry; I didn't catch your
name Mr...?"
"Andy; just Andy." He replied, not wanting to use his full name to a
complete stranger.
"Alright... Andy. I know this is a bit awkward but this is what I need
you to do-."
Who: Krylon ship
Where: Unknown space
When: Simultaneously
The strategic commander of Krylons, Grand Master Tuxedo, stood at his
post with a firm look on his beaked face.
In the names of all other sentient species he was known as a southern
rock-hopper Penguin. To the Krylons his kind was known as the ultimate
strategists and lords of the airways, those that could conquer what
was thought to be impossible.
The whirring machine implanted in the top left of his brain was always
whirring. Compounding his already genius (for a penguin) intellect and
increasing it several times over.
Ensign Scuffles, a typical tabby cat. Ran up to his master in command
and gave a curt bow. Around his head was an impressively (almost
intrusively) large metal machine. It was customary to give all the
animals that weren't in a position of power, the same level of
knowledge and therefore some had to be larger. Without his hardware,
Scuffles was known to be astounded by his own tail.
"Grand Master Tux!" Scuffles mewed, his head brace auto-translating.
"Our conscript commander, Kara, has just made contact as planned with
one of the Seeded!"
Tux's beaked face turned to the cat and ruffled his own feathers.
"Indeed? Had it not been over fifty Earth revolutions since we blessed
the yonder humans with our gift? Hark brother! Let her continue her
farce, lull her into hopeful falsehood. Have him dig up his sorrowful
period of yesteryears... let him find the program once more."
"Erm... right... so... just her keep talk'n?" Scuffles replied
uncertainly, his ears folded back.
"Indubitably. While you continue this dire task, retrieve for me an
angel of the deep; one of many limbs and-." "Squid; got it." Scuffles
stated before running off.

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