Fried chicken Pancake

Who: Justin Pancake
Where: Outside the Krylon base
When: After he escaped
Justin rolled to the ground, and rolled some more.
The last few minutes had been a blur, and he wasnt entirely sure how
much was real, and how much was not. He wasn't even sure if the
hologram he met was real... she seemed to dissapear as the door opened.
Justin looked back at the base he had just escaped from. It wasn't a
building as he had expected. It was actually a really large moving
base, with half-mile-long caterpillar tracks running the full length
of the building. It was moving at a snails-pace away from him.
"Wow what a weird building" he said. "I bet they can't fit that
through a drive-through."
He looked back and saw a squashed Mcdonalds sign behind it.
The landscape was varied, there were barren plains, and also deep
valleys and tall buildings.
"I think I need to go... this way!" Just in said. Then after a short
climb he peered into a valley and saw a large Krylon training facility
where huge robotic monsters were tearing pieces of metal from each other.
"Maybe not then." he turned back. After a while he started to become
dellusional and for a few moments thought he was in a rave, it was a
few moments of bliss until he realised he was still on a shitty planet.
Night fall was setting in, and Justin then thought he could smell
cooking. He suddenly perked up and felt very happy, the only thing
that made him happy lately were raves and murdering dogs. This smelled
like cooked dog.
The smell was coming from a few large pieces of torn metal. They
looked like they could have been from a crashed ship, or more robotic
stuff the Krylons had left. The smell literally picked him up like one
of those old cartoons, and made him float towards the source.
"What the smeg are you doing?" said a voice as he approached the big
chunk of metal. It was leaning against a big rock and provided perfect
shelter for the humans inside. It was the crash survivors of the
Spacecorps vessel. The voice came from Commander Chrysler.
"I'm floating cos the smell is so good."
"No, you're rolling on the floor like a spaz."
"Sorry. I think it's because I've been walking around in the wilderness."
"Who are you? You might be a Krylon spy." said Jay, he was
understandably skeptical and reached for a pistol. The safety of his
crew was obviously important to him.
"Oh he's fine!" Said a friendly voice. It was a blue person with a lot
of arms. Justin could tell he was very warm.
Justin sat down and Jay skeptically offered him some of the food they
were cooking. It had been roasting over an open fire, it looked like
some meat they had caught today.
"Here have some chicken." Jay said.
"Oh it smells like dog." Said Justin.
"It's chicken." Jay said.
"Actually..." Said Efof. "I was there when we caught it and it did
look a lot like-"
"IT'S CHICKEN." Jay repeated.
"mmmmm nice dog!" Said Justin through a mouthful of it.
All his stress and worried drifted away.

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