Introducing Scott Yorah

Who: Lt Scott Yorah
Where: SCV Relentless
When: Before the SCV Dauntless crashed on the Krylon planet
Yorah sat back at his with his feet up on the Starbug Tactical
control panel, it had been another routine patrol nothing to worry
about. Gomez,Yorah's pilot and long term friend was just landing the
bug. They entered the SCV Relentless through the flight deck doors
and came to a touch down on the landing pad with a jolt. "Whoa,
Christ don't they teach you damn Stick-jockeys how to land
anymorre?!" Yorah shouted across the cockpit. Gomez ignored him and
stood up and walked out, Yorah follwed.
Yorah knew he was a better Pilot than Gomez having got better grades
during Space Corps training, unitl he was kicked out that is. He
joyfully reminded Gomez of this at every oppertunity.
"If that was me I would have handled the 'bug like Barry White does
his women, smoothly." Yorah laughed and lit up a cigarette as they
walked across the flight deck.
"Yeah okay, anyway listen you still up for a bit of Talaxian
gambeling like we talked about?" Gomez asked, smirking as he saw the
smirk on Yorah's face fall to the floor and smash.
"Of course, what you trying to say? That I would back out?! Of course
not. I'll see you down in the Talax quarter in half an hour" Yorah
called after Gomez as he walked off to his sleeping quarters. As soon
as he was gone Yorah held his head in his hands. The Talax quarter
was where the refugees from Talaxia were staying. The SCV Relentless
had been tasked to rescue them after a devestating Krylon attack on
their homeworld. They were an alright bunch, a couple hundred in
number and apart from the curious and sometimes pungent smell they
gave off, which permeated even the thickest bulkhead doors, they kept
to themselves.
One of their favourite pastimes was gambaling, which suited Yorah
fine, but one night after a heavy drinking session Gomez had started
talking about the "sting-tail" games that were going on illegally,
and how difficult and dangerous they were. Yorah immediatly announced
drunkenly that he could take any man, women or Talaxian at a game
of "Sting-tail". At this point a group of Talaxians strode over to
him and accepted his challenge, much to Yorah's surprise.
To keep up his image Yorah felt he had to go. Even when he had no
idea how to play "Sting-tail" Yorah did not like the sound of it.
Particurly the "sting" part, it seemed to Yorah that he would end up
being the one getting stung. This always seemed to happen in these
situations of which there had been many.
"Smeggin' hell." Yorah sighed to himself as he headed to the Talax
Well hello Ladiesand Gents of Blue dwarf, I am very pleased to be
finally joining in on the action.
I am going to follow this arc be myself for a few posts and then join
up with you guys on the planet.
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