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Who: Kara, AndyWhere: In an alleyWhen: 30 minutes after previous"Look if I could I would take care of the situation myself and it would be resolved. But it's a bit hard when what consciousness you have is being projected out of a wristwatch." Kara said to the stressed Andy. "I open for any other ideas if you have them." He said. Kara thought for a moment and sighed. "No one's gonna let you into a Space Corp base cause I know some of the officers stationed here would pay attention to the news. But it's also a manner of time. We have to get their attention somehow." She said.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Krylon fleet neared the space station. Kara kicked her feet up on her console and smiled. "When we reach the target I want you to get as close as possible and fire all missiles at once. I don't want a scrap of the place left." She ordered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"We don't have long. At least three hours. I'm doing my best but the remote device is canceling me out. We need to figure something out quick." Kara said to Andy. The Janitor rubbed his head as he thought. "That Eternity code smeg something about it bothers me. But what about the past? How the hell am I going to figure this out?" Andy asked. "Why don't we try asking some kind of information central like the Space Corp library or something like that?" Kara suggested. <Tag Andy.>To: JMC_Blue_Dwarf@yahoogroups.comFrom: soulpillar@...Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 01:50:20 +0000Subject: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Andy, Kara- 'Signs from above'

Who: Andy, KaraWhere: JMC recruitment officeWhen: 1:00 am, tomorrow 
"Dammit you HAVE to believe me!!" The Janitor
shouted wildly at the JMC officer. The 45 year old wearily stared at the man
while gently shuffling the pages of paper in front of him."Look Mr... Andy... I understand that you believe that
the world is going to be over run by... *ahem* 'little fuzzy kittens with robot
accomplices'. However, I'm afraid that we simply don't have any need of a
recruit with your... enthusiasm... just at this moment." The JMC
recruitment officer looked torn between being fearful and saying 'Good god, I
need another drink'. 
Andy grit his teeth and with a long sweeping backhand,
smacked the bottle of gin out of the recruiter's hand where it smashed into
brown soaked glass. "This isn't a joke!! If you don't listen to me then
people will DIE!! Don't you understand that!?!" 
The recruiter's face flicked from looking at the janitor to
the slowly disappearing bottle of acholic. The JMC officer's face slowly
twisted while he beheld his liquid sanity disappear into the cracks in the
floor. His only consolable food, the only thing that left him sane in the
lines-upon-lines of gormless twits looking to go into space.He'd had enough. 
"Alright... from the look on your face you're starting
to reconsider..." Andy puffed as he saw the man's facial expressions
change. Only for his own to turn pale when the Recruiter's face turn red with
cold fury.
With a heavy thud, Andy smacked into the pavement
head-first."And STAY OUT!!" The old recruiter howled. Quickly
returning to his office and flicking the sign from 'yes, we're open!' to 'Piss
The janitor groaned in pain while he rose from the ground.
His hand gently rolled his aching jaw. An electric snap came from his right
wrist. 'Told you it wouldn't work'. Kara scolded impertinently."What?!" Andy groaned. "Didn't you tell me to
find a JMC officer and report your findings?! He thought that you were an electric
wrist watch when I showed you to him!!" 
'Of course he did! The guy was drunker than Mel Gibson at a Jewish
road rally!' The hologram retorted over the radio. 'What I told you was to go
find an actual officer! Not one that
had been demoted to the ranks for excessive drinking!' 
"Well I'm SORRY!" Andy lied through his teeth.
"But I don't particularly want to have fifty SC black ops guys up my arse
with stun guns for approaching a general with a story that little baby kitties
want to blow up the world!!"This tweaked something in the hologram. 'I knew it! You
weren't even trying, you bastard!! You purposefully got us thrown out so that
we'd have to do things your way, you-! Are you even listening to me?!' 
Andy's eyes widened and stared up at the massive screen over
the other side of the street. The once Talkie-toaster hawking sign slowly
vanished into a black screen with this exact writing on it. 
'Hi Andy! Found someone yet? :)' 
'What? What are you staring at?' Kara queried, getting more
than a little antsy in her hologramatic body. Andy rose up his arm to the
screen. 'What is-? Oh...oh wow...'"This moment is officially more surreal than watching
Jacob's ladder with the queen, Michael Jackson and Chuck Norris sitting on the
sofa next to you." The Janitor stated as he watched the screen shift
'I'll assume so.' The massive text imparted upon the screen
at about a letter a second. Soon people began to share in the staring. 'I hope
this little screen caught you attention, didn't want to go any big-'. The screen
wiped itself. '-ger or I may get noticed."Oh my God." Andy groaned and face palmed. 'hey,
hey! Don't move your hand I want to see!' Kara protested at the movement.
 'From what I see, the Krylons have an eternity-' Screen wipe
'-code on all of their communications, one that you might find-' another '-familiar.
Go dig up the past, you know what to do.' Once more the screen turned blank.
Only to flicker on once more afterwards.'Oh yeah, that new SC general is a bit of a tit isn't he?'
 '...Andy...?' Kara asked uncertainly. "I swear, this
guy, whoever he is, does this on purpose." Andy muttered under his breath
before the cops came screaming around the corner and the Janitor ducked into
<Tag on Emerald!>

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