Re: Introducing Scott Yorah

Sorry I've been very slack lately and not announced our newest
member! This is Scott Keenan who plays Scott Yorah, a Glaswegian who
seems to be neive to the concept of revese psychology.
Welcome Scott!
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> Who: Lt Scott Yorah
> Where: SCV Relentless
> When: Before the SCV Dauntless crashed on the Krylon planet
> Yorah sat back at his with his feet up on the Starbug Tactical
> control panel, it had been another routine patrol nothing to worry
> about. Gomez,Yorah's pilot and long term friend was just landing
> bug. They entered the SCV Relentless through the flight deck doors
> and came to a touch down on the landing pad with a jolt. "Whoa,
> Christ don't they teach you damn Stick-jockeys how to land
> anymorre?!" Yorah shouted across the cockpit. Gomez ignored him and
> stood up and walked out, Yorah follwed.
> Yorah knew he was a better Pilot than Gomez having got better
> during Space Corps training, unitl he was kicked out that is. He
> joyfully reminded Gomez of this at every oppertunity.
> "If that was me I would have handled the 'bug like Barry White does
> his women, smoothly." Yorah laughed and lit up a cigarette as they
> walked across the flight deck.
> "Yeah okay, anyway listen you still up for a bit of Talaxian
> gambeling like we talked about?" Gomez asked, smirking as he saw
> smirk on Yorah's face fall to the floor and smash.
> "Of course, what you trying to say? That I would back out?! Of
> not. I'll see you down in the Talax quarter in half an hour" Yorah
> called after Gomez as he walked off to his sleeping quarters. As
> as he was gone Yorah held his head in his hands. The Talax quarter
> was where the refugees from Talaxia were staying. The SCV
> had been tasked to rescue them after a devestating Krylon attack on
> their homeworld. They were an alright bunch, a couple hundred in
> number and apart from the curious and sometimes pungent smell they
> gave off, which permeated even the thickest bulkhead doors, they
> to themselves.
> One of their favourite pastimes was gambaling, which suited Yorah
> fine, but one night after a heavy drinking session Gomez had
> talking about the "sting-tail" games that were going on illegally,
> and how difficult and dangerous they were. Yorah immediatly
> drunkenly that he could take any man, women or Talaxian at a game
> of "Sting-tail". At this point a group of Talaxians strode over to
> him and accepted his challenge, much to Yorah's surprise.
> To keep up his image Yorah felt he had to go. Even when he had no
> idea how to play "Sting-tail" Yorah did not like the sound of it.
> Particurly the "sting" part, it seemed to Yorah that he would end
> being the one getting stung. This always seemed to happen in these
> situations of which there had been many.
> "Smeggin' hell." Yorah sighed to himself as he headed to the Talax
> Quarter.
> --------------------------
> Well hello Ladiesand Gents of Blue dwarf, I am very pleased to be
> finally joining in on the action.
> I am going to follow this arc be myself for a few posts and then
> up with you guys on the planet.
> Any questions you want to ask me feel free
> Cheers
> Scotty

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