Kara-\"Penguin eh?\"

Who: KaraWhere: Krylon shipWhen: Before Andy attacked the penguinKara was still surprised the ship was mostly functional. After the small crash into the space station she was worried it had suffered far too much damage. Honestly she would have stayed on the space station if it weren't for the fact she felt like it was up to her to save Andy. After all it would better to pay him back for saving her life anyways before she ended up with another "got your back" debt. Also it would be best to be there before he did something stupid to get himself killed. Since most of the Krylon fleet was busy attacking the space station she hoped she would be able to slip under their radar especially since most enemies were dumb enough not to put proper radar devices to catch holograms. As she approached the battleship for some reason a cold feeling of fear crept over her. She didn't want to become a puppet again or risk getting herself wiped. She gripped the assault rifle in her hand and smiled. Of course then again this would be the perfect opportunity to get full revenge. She slung the weapon over her shoulder on it's strap and clutched the controls. She was gonna make these bastards well aware that she was arriving on the ship. She turned the ship towards the location of the bridge and braced herself. She revved the ship up to full speed and spun towards her target. The small ship tore into the wall of the battleship sucking the air out of the corridor. Some poor Krylons in the area were torn out into the vacuum of space.Kara climbed her way out of the wreckage quickly before they put up the shields blocking her entrance into the battleship. She landed in the corridor just as the shield activated  and found herself greeted by a few armed Krylons. "Sorry about the mess the front door was locked so I figured I had to improvise." She said to the guards. The Krylons fired at her and the shots ricochet off of her knocking her back a bit. "Damn. Sometimes I forget how much that hurt. Oh well, my turn." Kara said with a smile as she took hold of her weapon. She charged at the guards shooting at them to disorient them. She jumped kicked oneof them down and shot down the other two. "Now which way to the damn bridge?" She asked herself as she looked around. Behind her she could hear more guards comingso there was a good chance she was going the right way. She ran down the corridor taking down any Krylon who got in her way. After a few mintues of running she managed to reach the bridge. She had a feeling that she was getting close after all the trouble the last group of guards gave her. Thankfullyshe got a free grenade off of one of them hopefully she would be able to use it. It wouldn'tbe right to let a perfectly good explosive go to waste. She looked into the window and sawAndy clutching the throat of a penguin. She walked into to the door and suddenly a bunch ofturrets fired on her. When they stopped she let out a painful grunt as she got up. "Now that was smeggin' rude." She said as she dusted herself off. <Tag Andy>To: JMC_Blue_Dwarf@yahoogroups.comFrom: soulpillar@...Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 12:18:46 +0000Subject: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Andy- 'Choking the penguin'

Who: Andy
Where: Starship Axolotl
When: half a second after previous post
Andy's eyes wandered. His arms, legs and mid-waist were firmly secured
onto a cold metal block.
A slow whirring sound assaulted his ears as the slab he was tied down
to slowly turned to a position directly behind.
His vision panned around, catching a sight of a massive battleship's
bridge. However he couldn't really see anyone manning it. In fact it
looked like a zoo was on board and all the occupants had escaped.
Only one from the 'small flightless birds' section was staring
directly at him.
"Greetings... Andrew Roos!" The penguin spoke in human tongue (he'd
better ask for immunity to hallucinogens too). "I bid thee welcome to
the Krylon flagship 'axolotl'!"
<End snip>
Andy had been though a lot since he joined the Blue Dwarf.
He'd been frozen, cleaned out filth-encrusted toilets, shot at, shot,
mind-raped, seen his orphanage burn down twice, witnessed the
destruction of an alien civilisation, had his old home reconstructed,
had a family of skutters, lost a family of skutters, stalked by an
inter-dimensional being that embodies the improbably factor... and
that's just the stuff he remembers.
Yet even after all that he still has the capability to be surprised at
things. Like an army of merciless robots being run by old MacDonnell's
farm. Speaking of which, the multitude of beasts running the bridge
didn't seem to mind the human bounded up in front of them. Then again
the giant security robots lining up on the side didn't seem to mind
"What did I do to deserve this?" Andy muttered under his breath.
"Harken thee! To see one of our own so healthy so does my heart good."
The janitor's eyes could only increase in size while the penguin
spoke. Last he checked you needed lips to speak like that.
Out the corner of his eye Andy noticed a large orange tabby stroll up
to penguin's side. Around its neck and most of its head was a huge
grey/metal mass.
"Don't mind me." The cat stated. "I'm just his bat boy."
"...oh... kay..." Andy licked his cracked lips, doing his best to
respond to the talking animals without saying 'Awww' or 'AAHHHHHH!!!'
"What do you want from me...?" Suddenly the orange feline jolted as
though it'd just remembered something.
"Are we going to keep his tied up like that, Master Tux?" The cat
asked casually. 'Master Tux' twisted his head wildly and ruffled his
feathers in revelation. "ACK! Truth be spake! Release our friend lest
he feel'th unwelcome!"
Within an instant Andy felt his body drunkenly fall forward. His arms
barely caught his fall while he gasped and wheezed upon the metal deck.
"What...what happened to me...?"
"Nothing." The cat replied flippantly. "You're just a pussy."
"You... you do realise the irony in that, right?" The janitor
countered with a sneer.
If this phased the orange ball of fluff it clearly didn't show it.
"We're going though universal translators, so expect some loopholes."
Andy attempted to stand but only succeeded to flop back onto his butt.
"What do you want with me? Why did you try to wipe Kara's mind?"
If the cat had eyebrows it would have raised one. "Wipe? She was a
program. We just re-adjusted her."
"Silence! Speak'th not of the Scott, for this is not why we have
brought you here! You, the seeded, are our brethren!" 'Master' Tux
squawked. Admittedly Andy was having trouble calling anything one foot
tall 'Master' without first putting it in quotes. "Ti'was our gifts
that led you here and freed the bounds on Kara's mind!"
"-You know how you undid the programming on the Hologram's light bee?
That wouldn't have happened without our help." The cat continued for
his leader. The janitor lurched to his side, attempting to push
himself up with his arms but still lacking the strength. "What...
but... ASCII taught-."
"'ASCII' taught you nothing, 'did not even exist. It's a side affect,
or an additional benefit, of what you humans called the eternity
code." The steel Frisbee-wearing cat strolled up to the Janitor's
face. "You humans can only take so much memory at a time. So the code
hunts down the most traumatic experience you've got and simply copies
over it."
"Indeed." The penguin added, folding his wings out like a diver and
waddling up beside the cat. "Even with our power 'tis difficult to
change a human mind. Fifty years ago our empire found humanity. Set
adrift away in an intergalactic zoo, we 'animals' were found by the
Krylons and given minds! Of great sadness I state that our only human
caretaker died afterwards. To this day our masters, of great fear,
believed that we'th did him too much harm to his mind."
"So we had to be 'careful'. I say sloppy. I'd bet the first bad memory
you had is conveniently missing while you got the ability to slice
anything apart." The Cat continued the lengthy exposition.
Andy finally and shakily got to his feet. "I don't believe you... you
make it sound like you're trying to help people but I've seen the
news. Destroyed space stations, no one surviving, and now this-" The
Janitor snapped his arm toward the glass screen where the attack was
still going full pace. "-you can't fool me!!"
"Sorry to say it, but you think people would just accept this?" The
ensign scratched the giant metal tuba around its head. "We'll take
those we can, those that can accept it."
"Tis truth! We seek not to enslave humanity, only to elevate them to
the Krylon mind! Andy, thee, however unintended, are one of the
seeded." The penquin's stubby little wing folded out and jammed itself
in his direction. "THOU art Krylon!"
Andy's lip curled into a despondent smirk. "You know... maybe you're
right. Maybe I should just give up and give myself over to your
cause." The janitor then immediately dropped the façade. "Or maybe I
should snap your little penguin neck."
All guns in the control room let out a grinding scream as they all
centred on the janitor with his right hand wrapped around the
shrieking fairy penguin's body and other around his neck.
<To be continued or to tag... I'm not entirely sure.>
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