Andy, Kara - 'Flipping the bird'

'Flipping the bird'
Who: Andy, Kara
Where: Starship Axolotl
When: Following Emerald's post
After a few minutes of running she managed to reach the bridge. She
had a feeling that she was getting close after all the trouble the
last group of guards gave her. Thankfully she got a free grenade off
of one of them hopefully she would be able to use it. It wouldn't be
right to let a perfectly good explosive go to waste. She looked into
the window and saw Andy clutching the throat of a penguin. She walked
into to the door and suddenly a bunch of turrets fired on her. When
they stopped she let out a painful grunt as she got up. "Now that was
smeggin' rude." She said as she dusted herself off.
<End snip>
Andy's head flicked up at the sudden flurry of action and explosives.
A dark black cloud huffed out from an adjacent hallway. The so-called
'master' gave a few weak struggles in the Janitor's arms but we
quickly silenced by applying pressure to its neck. The soldiers around
him waved their guns at his direction, which Andy doubted they'd just
more use out of if they'd stuffed the barrels with 'Bang!' flags.
"Now that was smeggin' rude." A distance voice feminine nattered.
"...Kara...?" Andy found himself mumbling while his legs pushed
himself up from his crouch.
This time the turrets pulled their shots as a familiar red head
casually strolled out from the under the heavy smoke. A fearless smirk
crossed her face as she surveyed the bridge. Eventually catching eyes
with Hacker/ eng- you know what? Screw it, she saw Andy.
"Andy!" See? Told you. "...Why are threatening to snap a penguin's neck?"
The janitor suddenly felt quite self-conscious at her gaze, shuffling
from one foot to another. "It...uhhh... seemed like a good idea at the
Kara crocked her eyebrow before shrugging nonchalantly and strolling
down the command deck towards him. A small flood of animals fled at
her approach as though the woman had an anti-gravitational field... or
really bad body odour. Andy had some experience with the second.
"The situation appears to be at an impasse." The Tabby stated.
Although Scuffles was a lowly ensign and general dogsbody, he was
never afraid to take up leadership when it called for it... which
tended to be basically any time Master Tux attempted to address the crew.
"The girl's program is impenetrable... for now... while Andy had a
hostage. On the other hand we have more than enough weapons to wipe
both of you out."
"Maybe you do, but we've been in deeper, we've been in worse. I can
guarantee that in about 6 months time everyone will be saying
''Krylons'? Who the smeg are they?'" The hologram shot back
effortlessly. A wave of mischievousness brushed over her when she
turned and bellowed at the cowering animals nearby, sending them
"No more!" Tux yelled out in Andy's arms, his little body wriggling
all the while. "This charade can go on no longer! Scuffles; have his
memory rolled back!" The cat looked back up at his superior officer
with a bamboozled look on his face. The Ensign quickly repeated the
order to a nearby operator.
Kara's eyes widened while the Masterkey around his neck began to shine
a blinding white glow.
A tight cone of light jabbed the Janitor's eyes while his head span.
His eyes had that same bizarre shadowing effect like as though he'd
been staring at a light blub for a short period. Thoughts, information
where shuffled around in his mind. Emotions removed and changed.
A sheet-scattered desk with air-craft schematics where removed and
replaced with a glowing keyboard. Endless nights spent tuning up cars
was destroyed and turned over with a recollection of a dirt hole and a
He could remember everything.
"Kara... I'm sorry..." He choked out, arms held fast against the small
bird as though it was a soft toy. "I remember again... the job."
The Penguin gave a weak warbling cough to clear it's roughly-treated
throat. "Do you see now? The Eternity code... not a code... but Krylon
'DNA' as thy would name it. The 'master key'? Tis a part of thou mind!
Technology of the highest tier! Ever since yee had it, we have been of
one kin! It's a part of thou and ye shall assuredly die without it's
influence. Not immediately, but as the sands churn, without it... even
in space you felt it's tug to you!"
"Andy!' The hologram yelled out towards him. The janitor's eyes stared
back at her not unlike a lost pup. "Don't listen to the little
bastard! You saved me from their influence. That was YOU who did it!
You chose to do it and you can do it again!"
The Janitor stared at the girl then down at the penguin. His eyes
scanned over the edges of the room, every turret trained upon him. A
look of acknowledgement crossed his face.
Grabbing Master Tux by his beak, he swang the small bird above his
head then pegged it as far as he could across the room.
Kara stared at him as though he'd grown two heads. "In what part of
that talk did I say 'ditch your only hostage across the f#&$ing room'?!"
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