OOC - New member "Iggy van halen"

OOC - Hello everyone I have the job of letting the usual nutcases
into the group. This time it's a character by the name of "Iggy van
halen" an American who's role on the Blue Dwarf isn't yet defined -
as the Blue Dwarf is still in Krylon space and we need to go liberate
Character Name Iggy van halen
Gender Male
Age 25
Species Human
Nationality American
Character's Physical Appearance cacusian skin, 5ft 6in,brown eyes,
dark hair, big arms,and has a scar on his right eye.
Character's Personality and Interests short temper, doesnt
remember much of his past but the parts he does remember he doesnt
like to talk about.
intrests:not many but music, and war.
Character's history/background story abandoned at six adopded at
10 and was brought into the army at age 20,and was sent home for a
injury to the brain and now he is trying to recover the past and find
his parents that abandoned him so long ago.
Character's favourite phrases/sayings u gotta light?

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