OOC - New Member "Jack "One Eye'd Jack"

OOC - This character seems to have the same name as his first and
last name, I'm sure that's not confusing at all. This character
sounds really interesting and sounds like loads of fun to play as
he's a mafia boss, this would be really great to see him in action on
the Blue Dwarf - but remember we still need to rescue it from Krylon
space, so maybe for now he works in a seedy part of Gannymede or
perhaps the Mollopod planet we are on? And he could hatch a plan to
find the Blue Dwarf and set it as the base of operations for his gang?
Character Name Jack "One Eye'd Jack"
Gender Male
Age 30
Species Human
Nationality American
Desired Department to work in Civilian
Desired Rank Mafia Boss
Character's Physical Appearance
Jack looks like a cross between a historical Viking and a Pirate.
After loosing an eye in a poker game, (He had nothing else to bet
with and the others were too drunk to care. Yes, he actually tore out
his eye on his own.) he quickly gained the handel of "One-eye'd
Blonde hair, a silver-green eye, and a tattooed skull and crossbones
on the right side of his neck, Jack is not the most attractive type,
but his charm makes up for it.
Character's Personality and Interests
Jack is a romantic and considers himself the last gentleman in the
galaxies. He loves women, drinking, and his old earth 50 Caliber
Desert Eagle Pistol he lovingly named "Betty".
Fair when dealing with those who owe him money, Jack has no use for
bodyguards as he deals with each person individually and it is not
uncommon that those who try and run instead of paying are challenged
to outrun Betty's little friends. (To date, none have been able to do
Jack gets very moody if he is refused the joys and comforts he has
come to know as a Mafia Boss and is not hesitent to unleash a tantrum
now and then.
Other personality quirks: He has a fear of spiders or things that
even resemble spiders.
Jack loves a good fist fight and is not above starting one just to
have some action.
Weaknesses: He suffers from a rare vocal disorder when he gets a rush
of adrenalin or endorphines which makes his voice crack and then
sound like a boy in puberty. (Think Mickey Mouse)
Character's history/background story
Once a petty thespian who could not make ends meet, Jack saw the
opportunity to make loads of money by living one simple rule: "Take
it... any way you can." He made friends with the last Mafia Boss (who
vanished shortly after Jack's arrival) and took over the business. He
now lives day to day making more money and granting the wildest
wishes of potential (and extremely wealthy) clients by nearly any
means he can find.
Character's favourite phrases/sayings
"Let's find out what Betty thinks"

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