Dangling Pancake

Who: Justin
Where: At the end of a rope/shape-shifter
When: Just as Jay fell
Justin dangled off the building, desperately gripping his shapeshifter
friend who had now turned into a rope.
"Bollocks this isnt good." Justin said, he looked down and saw a nice
set of plump cushions that he could fall onto. "Oh actually it might
not be so bad." He then noticed that the cushions were laid on a very
thin glass conservatory that looked like it would definitely smash if
he fell onto it..
"Oh it's alright for you," Said Melchwimp. "You haven't got two humans
pulling you from two ends!".
"Hmm, sounds like a saucy night out." Said Justin, then realised both
humans were male, and was almost sick.
"Look, if you don't let go, I'll turn into a snake and then you'll
definitely let go and fall."
"Oh I don't mind that. I quite like holding snakes. I like holding my
"Then I'll turn into a hairy man's cock. I bet you'd let go then."
"Yes. Yes I would." Justin said with no hint of doubt. "But if I fall... "
"You'll fall on the cushions, you'll be fine."
"But what if that glass breaks?"
"It probably won't."
"But it might."
Luckily, Melchwimp didn't turn into a hairy man's cock, instead Justin
misheard Jay's call to let go of the rope and let go anyway. Although
this was a terribly bad idea because Justin fell straight through the
cushions as the glass shattered.
The shards of glass fell dangerously around him, but Justin fell on
something soft afterall. As the dust settled he noticed that the thing
he was on was round and fleshy. It sat up and smiled at him with lips
the size of a baboons bottom. It was a Mollopod female.
"Well hello honey." The woman said to him. She blinked her incredibly
long and fake eyelashes and Justin felt uneasy. She wore a lot of
make-up but not many clothes. "I'm sorry, but I have to ask this
question... have I just dropped into a Mollopod brothel?"
"Why no silly." Said the woman in a soft manner. She started stroking
his arms. "Brothels charge you money, what we provide is a free service."
Justin took a step back from her in disgust as the large obese
Mollopod tried to kiss him with her baboobs arse lips.
"Come here honey, you know you want some sugar!" The woman said,
massaging her fat lumpy breasts... or whatever they were. Mollopods
were quite slimy slug-like creatures, so a small amount of slime was
normal, but this woman seemed to be lathering plenty of gooey slime
over herself, it seemed to be excreted from her glands.
Justin looked around and he seemed to be in a parlour of several of
these "women".
"So have you ever been with a Mollopod woman darlin'?" One asked.
"Erm... no. I wasn't aware slugs were either male or female."
"Oh that's complicated." She said, applying some new lipstick. "All
slugs are born hermaphrodites, so we have both sex organs, but when
mating we chew off the male organs to become female."
Justin almost puked at the thought of this concept.
"If you don't believe me, check on wikipedia!" Said the woman. She
then moved closer to him and wrapper her long fat slimy tail around
his body. He could feel her warmth and her wetness, and he didn't like it.
He needed to escape.

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