*Action* - "Regrouping of the fleet"

*Action Post* - "Regrouping of the fleet"
In the Capitol City of Mollopod the fighting had stopped, and the
lifeless robotic carcasses of the Krylons were being swept into the
street. Their cybernetic components were so complicated that none of
the Mollopods or humans around even bothered to look inside to see
how they tick.
Suddenly however, there were more stars in the Mollopod night sky.
The wide transporter platform in the centre of the city glowed and
beamed a large group of humans onto them, and one drinks vending
machine. They wore Space Corps uniforms that were clean and ironed,
unlike the dirty ones that Jay Chrysler had been wearing for days.
The humans had beamed in from a large fleet of Space Corps starships
orbiting the planet. This fleet now also included several Aeron,
Eniram and Antinoptera warships. Any passer by would have found this
unusual if they didn't know about the shaky alliance between the
several races.
Jay and the remainder of his crew greeted the Space Corps personnel
happily. "Does this mean we get to go home?" Jay asked the General.
To which he got the reply "Not just yet."
Jay looked curiously at the vending machine that just beamed down. A
fat Mollopod slid up to it quickly for a cold Coke, but was confused
when it transformed into a tall robot.
"Krylon!" Someone shouted, and many people reached for their weapons.
Jay was quick to run in front of the Krylon waving his palms
frantically. "No wait! This is Claude. He's on our side." This was
true. Jay had first met Claude when he worked for his clone "Jayne",
he was a Krylon who had fled from his people. Krylon soldiers of his
model were able to transform into any mechanical device, but for some
reason Claude was only able to change into a drinks machine.
In only a matter of minutes, many more Space Corps personnel had
beamed down, and the entire area was bustling with people.
"Claude. What are you doing here?"
Claude's answer was swift and precise. "We are going to attack the
Krylons. I have information about their troop deployment and know
where to hit them hard."
A disc on Claude's chest glowed and he started to project a
holographic star chart in the space in front of him.
"This is the Krylon moon named 'Kraxor'". The robot pointed to a
sphere and it magnified in size. It is where the Krylons manufacture
most of their warships, if we destroyed it, they would be at a
serious disadvantage."
The view zoomed in to show a large factory between two volcanos. Jay
looked closer.
"It looks like they have some massive anti-air weapons. If we take a
starship anywhere within a light-year, it would take us out
instantly. Even with the Blue Dwarf's wormhole drive we wouldn't be
able to get close enough, which we don't even have so I don't know
why I mentioned it."
The Krylon's neck servos whirred as he nodded his metallic head. "Any
attack by space would be impossible. But troops would have no problem
getting in and using explosive to destroy the base."
"But how do troops get there? We would need to take them on a
starship!" Said Jay.
Claude turned slowly and pointed to the Mollopod transporter.
Jay grinned.
Who: Lots of Humans, Eniram and Aeron
Where: Kraxor the Krylon moon
When: Not long afterwards
Most of the humans wore Space Corps combat armour which protected
them from heavy weapons fire, but it didn't protect them from the
extreme heat.
One thing that Claude hadn't mentioned was that the moon-planet
Kraxor was extremely volcanic. Lava streams flowed through valleys
and volcanoes lined the landscape.
Jay lead a team towards the Krylon factory, it was positioned just as
Claude had described between two volcanoes. Key members of the team
had a stack of explosives in their backpacks that they could use to
blow up the entire facility.
What the team didn't know about was the Chief robotic security of the
planet "Krag 2.0" had detected the energy spike when they had beamed
in. "Krag 2.0" was only a small spherical robot, but was covered with
holographic projectors that allowed him to appear in any form he
wished. He barked some orders to his bodyguard team and made their
way towards the humans.
OOC – Sorry it;'s been so long between action posts guys and gals!
Posting has been a bit slow lately and I take full responsibility for
not pushing the story on fast enough. I remember the days when a
story lasted a fortnight at the most, and I do hate it when stories
drag on a bit. When we get back to the BD I'll do stories that are
far shorter and more fun, so that we can finish them quicker!
If your character wasn't on this planet, and was somewhere else after
the BD was evacuated, now is a good time to get together with
everyone else.
Plot wise... we can do this pretty quick. Get in, plant the bombs and
get out. Then watch a boom. Or if you want to add more drama, maybe
we can't get into the building at all, and we have to use the
explosives to destroy the anti-air turrets, allowing some flying
Space Eagles or Starbugs to come in and bomb the crap out of the
Also I've talked on the forum about medals awarded to characters.
Medals will be awarded to characters who kill the bad-guy I've
introduced, or destroy the factory, or make up some new bad guy even!

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