The Rescue Faceoff pt. 1

Kara ran down the corridor tucking a couple more weapons into her belt. She had to move as fast as she could to get down to the planet. Minutes ago one of the science officers reported to her that the shock from the blast had set off an earthquake below the surface setting a mass number of the volcanoes to erupt. She knew she was the only one on board who had to skill and ability to get down there and save everyone before they became somewhat crispier. She ran down the flight of stairs in front of her and bolted into the flight deck. She took the closest small carrier and blasted off towards the planet. "You onlyhave a limited amount of time. About an hour before the eruption begins. If thereis another explosion on the planet there's no telling how much time you may have." The science officer's voice crackled over the radio. "Then I hope to Godthey're aren't playin' around down there. I'm only makin' the one trip." Kara said. The carrier ship rocked heavily as it passed through the atmosphere. The changein the planet was becoming very evident. Of in the distance Kara could see a number of the small volcanoes spewing lava about and the larger ones were billowing with smoke. She was very confused when she swore she saw Godzillastorming along the planet. She landed a short distance away from the smashed up factory and ran outside. She sure was happy she could not feel the temperature outside cause it seemed asthough it was just getting hotter and hotter out. Suddenly out of nowhere a large rocksmashed into her sending her to the ground. A couple of her guns skitted away skippingalong the rocky ground. She got up and dusted herself off. "All right, who thinks they'vegot the balls to do that and walk away living?" Kara scowled as she looked around.A large shadow came over her and she turned to find herself facing a rather large badger. "Oh you are kiddin' me! A smeggin' badger? Seriously?" Kara said with a laugh. "I AM KRAG 2.0! ALL INTRUDERS SHALL BE DESTROYED!" The furry threat boomed. Kara shook her head and pulled out her trusty blaster. "Look, I don't have time for this.So why don't you do me a favour and just happily take all my shots in your face?" Sheasked. The large mammal punched her so hard she flew into a nearby rock wall. Kara got backup on her feet pain shooting through her. It had been sometime since she had taken a hitlike that. She went to raise her gun when she realized it was no longer in her hand. It wassitting on the ground in front of Krag 2.0. "Aw. Smeg." She muttered. She picked up a nearbyrock and ran towards Krag 2.0. Before the badger could hit Kara she ducked and rolled along the ground picking upher gun up off the ground and walked towards Krag 2.0. But before she got there he turned into a large snake. "IT IS USELESS! SURRENDER NOW AND WE MAY BE MERCIFUL ON YOU." Krag 2.0 threatened. "What and go back to being a little remote control assassin? Smeg off!" Kara snapped. Krag 2.0 snapped at her with his large fangs but Kara managed to barely dodge the strike. He had to be toying with her. It couldn't be this easy. She fired her blaster at the snakeand he deflected the shots with his tail. Bastard! Kara thought as she clenched her teeth.She needed more firepower than this. But the only heavy weaponry she brought with herwas back on the carrier. She had to go back, she wouldn't make any headway without a better weapon. Kara knew she only had one move now. She had to make a run for the ship hoping to get enough time to arm herself properly. She started running toward the ship firing at Krag 2.0hoping the fire would keep him still long enough. But then without warning her gun jammed leaving her defenseless. Krag 2.0 grabbed her with his tail and pulled her over to him. Wrappingaround Kara so she couldn't move. Smeg! What the hell am I gonna do! Kara thought as she tried to move.<Part two will be done sometime later>Get thousands of games on your PC, your mobile phone, and the web with Windows®. Game with Windows

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