Bombs Away

Who: Jay's TeamWhere: Krylon PlanetWhen: Snip.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---- Snip ----Rufus grasped his hand and pulled it closer, his eyes squinting. "How
did you know to bomb there?"
Andy lifted the map slightly, printed in small English letters below
the map where 'please do not store explosives here.'
"Ah... that's convenient." The scientist noted astutely---- End Snip ----Rufus jogged along, following behind Andy as best he could, and keeping a healthy distance from Jay. He still wasn't comfortable around his sisters boss. I mean after all, he had been good friends with Tara. It was mutual, for some reason that Rufus couldn't fathom, Jay also seemed to be keeping a distance from Rufus. 'Maybe it's got something to do with Vanessa. I hope I've not done anything wrong.' The boy genius wondered, almost crashing into the back of Andy, as he paused to check the map. It was unfortunate that at this point, a small group of Krylon scout robot rounded the corner."Take cover!" Jay barked, darting behind one of the ever present in an enemy base, handy pillars to hide behind.People ran for cover, finding just enough niches to hide an entire team of Blue Dwarfers. Convenient really.Rufus stayed where he was, feeling in his lab coat pocket for something. He brought his hand out and held out a small round grey metallic sphere with blue LED light on it. He brandished it at the robots in a way that would have been menacing had he not looked terrified and been backing away quickly."Here..." Rufus quaked and threw the object. Badly. It bounced off the wall and landed a clear five meters away from the robots, they followed it's path as it flew overhead and could only be described as laughing when it missed them and seemed not to do anything.Jay however, had recognised the object from back when hordes of clones had taken over the Blue Dwarf. It was an EMP grenade."Andy! Turn that map thing off!" He yelled, blasting some fire down the corridor, avoiding Rufus."Why? what's...?" Roos began, but was cut off by the small popping bang and a bright blue light that filled the corridor. The Master key flickered and went out. "Damnit! Damnit!" Roos said and madly played with the cube. Jay poked his head out from around the corner and looked at the robots."Come on people, that should give us a few minutes longer. Move, move, move!" Jay ushered Rufus onwards, and grabbed Andy by the arm. "How am I going to find the way now?" Andy asked plaintively."It's only temporary, and if that things as good as you say it'll be back online in no time. I've not got many more of those left so hurry." Rufus said. "And besides, I'm a super-genius... Half GELF you know? I can remember the way... Mostly..." He said, tailing off as he realised he was being watched by a few members of the team skeptically.  "It's this way." The scientist moved of up the corridor and began to lead the way towards the room on Andy's map. It wasn't long before a) the master key had shimmered back into all of it's holographic life and b) the team had reached the room. It was obvious where in the room to place the bomb. However, it was not obvious how to get there.The weak spot was suspended by several cables 30 feet above the room.<Tag!>OOC - Do you know how had it is to talk about someone called Andy and Jay in the same post? Gah!  ;)

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