Pancake in a bubble

Who: Justin Pancake
Where: The Volcano Planet
Justin could see the blasts from high up in orbit crash down onto the
Krylon factory, but he was too distracted by the large Godzilla-like
creature that was about to bite him.
The holographic monster stooped down over him and closed his jaws
around him. People nearby covered their eyes, as they didn't want to
see the young officer get ripped to shreds by the monster's teeth.
Godzilla's jaws stopped dead.
It raised it's head back to see Justin Pancake with a spherical shield
around him. It was transparent but glistened with an iridescent shine.
"Eniram personal shield generator." He boasted. "They gave me one just
before we teleported."
The remainder of the Krylon squad were hanging around Godzillas feet
and opened fire. Justin leaped in front of everyone and the shots
bounced off his shield. He laughed manically.
The Krylons retreated and Phil came up to him to investigate the
shield generator. "Nice work. Can we all get one?"
"Yeah sure, I brought several along with me." Said Justin.
"Cool can I have it?"
Justin reached into his pocket and passed a square electronic device
to Phil. Phil reached out but his hand glanced off the shield.
"Turn the shield off first dipstick!" said Phil.
"I can't. They haven't designed it to have an 'off' button!"
"That's just stupid!" Said Phil. "So nothing can pass through the
shield at all?"
"So you can't pass me anything. And I can't pass you anything?
"That's what it looks like." Said Justin solemnly.
Phil laughed and reached into his pocket. "Hungry? Here's a mars bar."
"My favourite!" Justin said, but the chocolate bar just bounced off
the shield. Justin frowned.
"How long will the battery last?"
"No idea. We'll just have to wait and see."
Phil nodded.
After a pause, Justin's eyes widened. "Oh god."
"I really need to go to the toilet!"
"Will that come through the forcefield?"
"I don't know."
Justin walked behind a rock, and the shimmering shield followed him.
"Eewwwww!" Came a cry, and Justin came back with a puddle of water at
the bottom of his bubble.
<Can anyone get Justin out of the shield bubble at all? I'm willing to

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