'Good cop/ Crazy cop, routine'

Who: Annie, Potential
Where: 10 Km long waiting room, Pocket dimension
When: 3 seconds into NULL
Two figures ambled down the pristine white waiting room with the
tell-tale confidence of government agents and the 'are-we-there-yet'
eyes of a couple that had gone far too long with a stop.
Not that the Creatures in the waiting room on the other side of the
room seemed to care. Each and every one of them where glaring at them
with as much venom as they could muster. Some of them had been waiting
there for Months.
Some had actually croaked waiting for service.
Each time someone go to go in, which was roughly once every 10
minutes, the line would notice a bizarre phenomenon that resembled the
Mexican wave as all 500,000 occupants shifted seats.
Annie was glad she wore wing tip shoes on this particular venture. The
heels she'd normally worn on such a formal occasion would've probably
snapped half a 'K back. The dark black professional (if a little
butch) attire meant business and Annie had a mind to match.
"...I trust you on this Potential."
"Since this hinges on you, I'm not the one you ought to be trusting."
Potential muttered, tugging at his bow-tie. "I'll say this now. I
don't like it." The being had done little in the way of obtaining a
full attire of dress garments. Although his dress usually shifted
manically, when he was on a business venture (or in pretty much any
dimension) he always went in his best.
Even if that meant his hairy legs and love-heart boxers were exposed.
"Look, you OWE me for when I covered you in B-620!" Annie responded in
an even tone. "The least you could do was remain civil and help me!
Not force me to gang-press your help like you were some kind of child!"
She flicked her head back around to the front desk, where yet more
aliens where giving her the evil eye.
"Uhh... excuse me! I am here on behalf of the-."
A creature that seemed utterly attached to the stack of paper it was
holding suddenly shoved the magazine down and eyed them both. With
both of them effectively silenced she... it gave curled lip.
"You'll have to wait in line like everyone else." The creature 'Doric'
if the name tag was correct flicked out its podgy arm in the rough
direction of the way they just trekked.
Annie gave a shallow sigh then pick up her courage.
Setting up to the front desk in the meek fashion, she suddenly flooded
her arms out and slammed them both on the desk. Potential immediacy
backed her up by flashing a playschool BigKid badge over her shoulder.
"WE are with the Agency, if your employer is even REMOTELY connected
with the mainstream overseers. My name is Annie and I am the custodian
of this particular universe.-"
"-Here's a hint, you can just call her 'GOD' for short.-" Potential
added, flicking up the badge and stuffing it into his pocket.
"-Yes... thank you, Potential." She replied in a slightly irked tone.
"You and your 'business' have set up an unauthorised sector that,
without professional checks, could very well destabilise the universe.
My fellow co-worker and I have been dispatched here to make bloody
well certain that it won't and determine if
"This leaves us to a very special choice on your account. Are you
going to let the proper authorities in ...or will she have to erase
you from life itself?"
"We- we do not allow solicitors, hawkers o-or-or-"
"BOO!!" Annie hooted, her eyes flashing wildly.
"OHMYGOD, don't kill me just go in!!"
Doric dove under her table and slammed her hands on the buzzer,
letting a door swing wide open.
Annie gave her another dark look just for good measure before turning
back. She blinked bemusedly as she noticed that almost half of the
marathon-sized waiting room had just emptied. Out the corner of her
eyes she noticed Potential giving her a nod and a wink, spurring her
forward into the freshly opened door and into the hallway beyond.
"Wh-wait sir. We-we have decency require-."
"Don't you 'lookitt me like that! I meet the requirements, woman!" The
pants-less individual snapped. He thrust his index finger at the terms
of service sign displaying
'No shirt, no shoes, NO SERVICE!'
With that, the two higher beings strolled down crisp white halls.
Barely noticing the door swing shut behind them.
Not 30 seconds later Annie immediately pressed her hand up against her
chest and slumped against the wall. "I-I can't believe that worked."
A large mirthful grin spread across Potential's face. He leaned up
against the wall opposite her all the while giving her an 'I told you
so' look.
"See? In the universe or in between, BS is the best way to get into
places your not. Now let's go find this Seymour fellow and take him
back before they realise that they've already had their check up, eh?"
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OOC: Don't worry about the people on the planet, I haven't left them
for dead. I've been slammed with the study hammer this term.
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