Explosive Charge

Kara stood there waiting for the perfect chance to release the shot. Of course concentrating was hard enough with all the things running through her mind. How long would she have her position before they turned her off, why had Johnny showed back up now and why was he here exactly, and what fun she could possibly have if she kept her position. "Lieutenant?" Ensign Redcloth asked shifting her out of her clouded thoughts. The lights made her small grin somewhat disturbing. A mass amount of destruction wouldbe just the thing she needed to clear her mind a bit and get rid of some of that stress.....well maybe if she could push the button.Kara walked up to the weapons console and looked at the view screen. "If only Ihad brought some popcorn or something. That would be perfect." She said. EnsignRedcloth was beginning to feel a bit more uncomfortable around the possibly demented hologram. She put her hand over the button waiting for the small opportunity to show itself. She was gonna make every single one of these animal-obsessed hologram high-jackingbastards pay and she sure was going to get as much kicks from it as possible. "And now!" She said as she pressed the button releasing the torrent of destruction. <tag whoever. i apologize for the wait on my posting. been a bit busy moving again>Got Game? Win Prizes in the Windows Live Hotmail Mobile Summer Games Trivia Contest Find out how.

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