'Set us up the bomb Pt2'

Who: Andy, Jay and the human team
Where: Kraxor, Krylon moon
When: 5 minutes into the raid
"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon- hurry up!!" Jay yelled at the crouching
Australian before ducking out from cover and spraying another volley
of purple laser fire down the corridor.
"I would hurry if you'd kindly stop hooting down my neck like a
deranged chimpanzee!" Andy barked back at his superior officer. The
Janitor/Hacker was good at either of his job descriptors but neither
tended to be of peak performance when fired upon by 3 security turrets.
Tom and Clancy had only seconds to declare their love for each other
before being blasted into oblivion by the Krylon hard points. Anything
goes in space Andy guessed. He gave a brief pause to wonder what the
official laws where concerning hologram-human relationships? If all
the girls in space were angry, he might as well try one that didn't
outright hate him.
A loud, deep tone echoed down the hall giving both pause. A grin
cracked across Jay's face before giving Andy a slap on the shoulder.
"I knew there was a reason I brought you along!"
Andy's stunned face looked back up at him. "... I didn't do that..."
He cautiously shrugged, pulling away the Masterkey.
"No, I did." A familiar soft-spoken voice stated. "If you want to shut
them down then you ought to go for the power inlets."
The business end of Jay's rifle pointed at the new arrival, before his
aim relaxed. Andy slowly got to his feet and turned. An immediate grin
was the response.
"Rufus, it's been ages!! I haven't seen you since... since well, the
Mollopod attack! Cripes, you look a lot more mature... you'd be about
23 now wouldn't you?"
The bespeckled blonde man blinked in mild confusion. "Uhhh... do I
know you?" The scientist responded, giving his explosive-laden satchel
a small shrug.
The Australian man's face froze in dismay.
"Rufus...?" The commander stated softly.
"I'm here to help Jay. I've got some new-formula explosives mixed up
and ready to take this place down like a paraplegic in a fist fight
against a rugby player."
"RUFUS... What the *hell* are you doing here!?!" The
pilot-and-part-time-arse-kicker would've appeared furious for the
boy's safety, this was partly true, but not the whole truth.
"What do you mean Jay? When they asked for recruits I said that I-!"
The blonde's head titled slightly.
Jay's free hand slapped himself in the face. "No, no, no dammit! Why
did this have to happen to me! If Amber ever found out that you were
here or, god forbid, you actually got *injured* she'd tie me to the
end of the Vespidae then shoot me into the crushing atmosphere of
Jupiter before finishing me off with two missles."
Andy scratched the stubble slowly growing around his chin. "What if he
gets killed?" This provoked a swift response from the commander who
immediately fell into the foetal position.
Rufus rolled his eyes before gesturing for the Janitor's attention.
"Listen, we don't have much time. That Krylon ship up top is going to
attack soon. While it can't damage this place without the top blown
off I can guarantee that it'll vaporise us when we're trying to get
out if we're too slow."
Andy nodded in comprehension before lifting up his portable dues ex
machina. "When I was trying to disable security I loaded up the plans
for the base. I figure that there's just one point we need to bomb
before it'll be weak enough for the bombardment." Giving the Masterkey
a touch in the 'special' place a glowing hologramatic map materialised
above. The Janitor's armoured finger pointed at the area with the
softly glowing strobe effect.
Rufus grasped his hand and pulled it closer, his eyes squinting. "How
did you know to bomb there?"
Andy lifted the map slightly, printed in small English letters below
the map where 'please do not store explosives here.'
"Ah... that's convenient." The scientist noted astutely
<To be continued... or carried on by Rebecca!>

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