Back in Town

Who: RufusWhere: KraxorWhen: During Jay's raid.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rufus, although along with Jay's human team, was not happy with the alliance, the Aerons and the Eniram he could understand. I mean after all, in the grand scheme of things, they weren't so bad, and really they'd had a comparatively good run with the Blue Dwarf crew, if you ignore that nasty incident with the Hymenopterra and Jay that is. The Anti-nopterra, there was a troublesome one, he pondered as he hunkered low and ran along with the rest of the team.It was the Mollopods that he didn't trust. Of all the low down, scum sucking creatures in the known universe. Why did they have to be allied with the Mollopods, the same race of alien creatures that brutally murdered his mother in front of him in a blender and then used her as a food source. He growled inwardly, swearing that at the first sign of trouble he would be straight on to Chris Harris, telling him about it. Rufus, was not one for fighting after all, that was his sisters job. He was only here for tech support should it be needed.<Tag>----------------------------------------------------------------------------Who: AmberWhere: Space Station Above EarthWhen: Just after Rosette's post.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The dark haired girl, a few steps behind a woman in a suit, looked relatively inconspicuous as they walked along, the darker haired girl looking very jet-lagged and tired. She had been diverted off her escort mission to the Hymenopterran delegation for the alliance, leaving Dante and the other JMC personnel to the job. She had been diverted here, to this station where she met a very odd suited woman who had so far, said very little except that amber had a new mission. A top secret mission.Amber walked along the street, next to the strange woman who had identified herself as Miss Jones. Amber scowled and kept silent, walking into the room the woman gestured to. The door slammed shut behind her, and Amber was plunged into darkness. She could hear someone, something else breathing, she was not alone in here.<Tag!>OOC- Ok, it's short, but I've just read about 17 posts and am getting back into the swing of things. I'm back, oooh yeah!

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