Andy - 'Set us up the bomb Pt1'

Who: Andy, Jay and the human team
Where: Kraxor, Krylon moon
When: One hour after the action post
"Okay, move up." Jay's voice rasped over the microphone.
Andy primed his hand-bazookiod and leapt over the low plateau of
charcoal black earth. Kraxor was a volcano planet. This you could tell
just by looking at it. Still it didn't help the fact that the features
of the planet looked like Tina Turner's face with weeping sores.
The Krylon forward command post was just nestled in the valley. Just a
few hundred metres from a gaping volcano mouth, no doubt the pipes
running from it drew power. The vastly superior military version (Mk 5
Combat Haz-Mat Suit) of his janitorial suit fit just as well as he
remembered only this time it was reinforced with armour plates and
covered his entire head with a plated helmet.
He was going to have some way to keep this little number.
Truth be told, the janitor wasn't entirely sure how he got ringed in
for this. Sure, he was the only one who could really hack Krylon tech
and he would be needed to get into and out of the facility without the
turrets slicing everyone to confetti... but he was a JANITOR! He
didn't have any military training! Sure he could fire a bazookiod
(even the hand-sized compacted version) it didn't mean he could fire
it straight!
"Andrew, you're with me." The commander hissed. An impact and
shuffling of earth came from his left. Andy's gun arm flung out and
aimed at the aggressor only to find it slapped away by an irate Jay
"Watch where you're pointing that damn thing Rookie or so help me I'll
take it off you and give you a time out."
"S-sorry sir." The hacker responded; a thousand thoughts went through
his mind. He was fired from the JMC, the SC thought he was criminally
insane (which in a way could be thought as true thanks the Krylons)
and now he was quite possibly about to throw his life away for both of
No...He couldn't think like that. This was for humanity and his life
in comparison wasn't worth a thing.
He felt an armoured hand suddenly rest on his shoulder. "First time?"
Jay stated rhetorically. "It's okay Andrew. Just stay calm, pick your
targets wisely and listen to me. You'll get out just fine."
A loud thump and a flash of light came off in the distance. A gaping
hole in the side of the bunker exploded up into a billowing cloud of
smoke. "That'd be the fighters clearing the way. READY UP!!" Jay
pulled himself to his feet and waved back at the rest of the strike
force. "GO, GO, GO! Thomas, watch Andy- if he dies then this mission
is a bust! Clancy, you're with me. Stay low and don't stop!!"
Within seconds Andy felt him get caught up in an adrenaline high as he
charged along with the rest of the squad. He didn't even know what he
was aiming at. He just pointed at the command bunker and started
firing. Moving as one the rest of the team joined him the suppressive
fire, tearing away at the sides of the bunker in small disk-like chunks.
Who: Kara, human SC team
Where: 'Refurbished' Starship Axolotl, over Kraxor.
When: Concordantly
Kara's hologramatic uniform shone brightly amongst the human-set
floodlights. Around her were quite possibly the bravest men she'd ever
seen... or perhaps the stupidest. It was fool-hardy to think that a
Krylon Flagship wouldn't have countermeasures against capture.
Or maybe they just didn't expect their own technology working against
Johnny was alright for now. They'd taken him and Eric aboard the SC
flagship. He'd get the medical attention he needed. Only question was,
could they really deal with where Johnny's real damage was?
Could they heal his mind?
"Lieutenant...?" A random SC ensign yelled out over the bustle of men
working human technology into the Krylon interfaces.
"Lieutenant Kara!!" He yelled again, this time earning a jump from the
Lieutenant... that's right. She was a Lieutenant now, a whole new pay
grade... if she WAS getting paid. No, she was promoted because that's
the only rank they were willing to spare on a disposable ship and
therefore disposable crew. She was no different. The cynic in her
couldn't help but wonder if she'd be stripped of her rank the second
the operation was over.
"Erm... yes... speak ensign." The hologram replied uncertainly.
"My name is Jenkins Redcloth ma'am... I wish you would remember it.
But I've to tell you that the cannon are fully charged and ready to
fire at any time." The utterly disposable character informed his
equally disposable commander of the situation.
"No matter how strong, our guns can penetrate that installation. No.
Best we keep the element of surprise... keep those audio signals on
the re-cycle! Maybe we can buy that element some time." Kara honestly
hoped that their foes weren't dumb enough to fall for a parroted audio
return but then again, these same enemies employed kittens...
"Now the rest of you...Wait for the signal."
<To be continued>
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