Pacake coming to the action!

After the annoying posh ambassador dissappeared, Justin and the tall
fishy Eniram guy stood in awkward silence for a full hour until Justin
broke the tension by talking about the weather.
They headed back to the Mollopod city in a hovering Eniram craft that
looked strangely like a big metal shark. Justin sat in the back and
held his nose because the stench of fish was too much for him.
Soon they had used the Mollopod teleporter to transport to the
volcanic planet. Up ahead, justin could see the initial team lead by
Jay and some friendly Krylon guy.
Several hundred metres to Jay's left was a team of Krylon guards. They
were hiding behind some kind of holographically projected rock
formation which was being projected by one of the robots.
Justin could see the ambush – he had to warn Jay and the others. But
it was too late. He saw the rockface change. For a split second
exposing the raw holographic wireframe. Then it changed into a giant
holographic Godzilla. A hardlight hologram as dangerous as the real thing.
The monster stomped into the team, killing several Eniram and
scattering the rest. Some fat lazy Mollopods couldn't move very fast
so just got splattered into mush. The monster opened it's mighty jaws
and reached down to bite Jay in half.

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