"Jenny's Dimension" part 1

Who: Seymour
Where: Another universe
When: As the Dwarfers are on Kraxor
Seymour couldnt quite believe he was in another dimension. He had
never really wondered what another dimension would have been like, as
he didn't really have much of an imagination. If he had wondered
however he might have expected the laws of physics to be different...
for colours to be several spectrums more towards the 4th dimension...
for time to run backwards... for the 9th universal axium to flow past
him like water... what he never expected was that his girlfriend
would be there.
Jenny stood in front of him with a semi smiling, semi serious look on
her face. For a long moment she didn't say anything. Seymour said
nothing either, everything he wanted to say had melted away once the
furry massaging creatures had started rubbing his neck.
After an eternity he decided to break the awkward silence.
"So... you're an omnipotent deity from another dimension. Fancy
setting up a trans-dimensional massage parlour? This is splendid."
Jenny shook her head. "This is no time for jokes Seymour!"
"I'm terribly sorry." Seymour said, "But I'm not entirely sure what I
should be saying. I'm standing on a different axial plane in a
totally different sphere of existence, and I've just found that my
girlfriend... whom was supposed to be in a coma by the way... is just
stood here as if she owns the place."
"I do own the place!"
"What? The entire dimension? Are you some sort of deity?"
"No of course not! Just this house. Well... 5/6th of it anyway. The
roof has fallen into the neighbours dimension a bit, I should really
get the builders in."
"So... if you're not an all powerful deity of some kind... Then why
did I see a statue of you in a little village on the Mollopod
homeworld, where they seem to praise you as a God."
Jenny looked down. "I was young... I was foolish. I thought it would
be funny to appear to some gullible creatures. It's amazing what some
people will believe."
Seymour shook his head and started pacing the room. "Why didn't you
tell me?"
"Because it's ... complicated."
"Is it?"
"No. Not really. I came through to your dimension for a laugh when I
was younger. I wanted to explore... it was all exciting... then I
realised I couldn't get back."
Seymour put his hands up and urged jenny to backtrack. "Wait, how can
one just 'explore' another universe? I can't imagine that is easy."
Jenny pointed to the roof. "See that? It's a portal to another
dimension." She walked over to a cupboard and opened it. Seymour
expected to see fluffy towels but instead saw the glittering stars of
a purple universe.
"That's a portal to another dimension."
"Well that is lucky I guess."
Jenny shook her head. "No it's bloody well not! It's down right
dangerous! Imagine if I had wet eyes and reached in there for a
towel... WHOOSH... I'm in a new dimension where people are 2 inches
high and are enslaved by khaki-coloured telephones."
"Can that happen?"
"It happens regularly!" Jenny screeched. "This universe is a big
"Is it?"
"Yes. Something is happening to the fabric of space-time. It's got
worse the last couple of years. We call it 'the clench effect'."
Seymour raised an eyebrow. Jenny caught his dissaproving glance. "I
know, I know, but I didn't invent the term. Some scientist in my
dimension did... or maybe he was from another dimension, I can't tell
anymore. But basically it refers to all parallel universes all
compressing together, we get portals appearing and things spilling
out from all universes all over the place."
Seymour crossed his arms. "But our universe hasn't had anything like
"Yes it has. Where did you think the Krylons came from?"
"And where do you think the Hymenoptera have been for the past few
years? They're busy mainly attacking other universes – you should
count yourself lucky!"
Seymour nodded slowly. "I... didn't realise."
"It will get much worse, and nobody knows what is causing it.
Fractures are occurring all over the universe and things are crossing
over, making a real mess!"
Seymour shrugged. "The universe has always been a mess. Is this much
"Yes! It is for my people."
Seymour cocked his head. "Why?"
"Well we're kind of ... special."
"Oh really?" Seymour rolled his eyes. "Can't people from parallel
universes just be normal?"
"No. And it's not parallel, it's perpendicular from the base
geometric angle of the multiverse."
"Oh I'm terribly sorry." Said Seymour.
"We can see the entire of our timelines... from start to finish."
Seymour squinted in confusion. "Sorry?"
"We can see our lives laid out like a 4th dimensional map. We just
have to follow it."
"I bet that's very handy for you." Seymour said with a lot of
bitterness. "Then why didn't you see the really heavy grate that
dropped on your head and knocked you into a coma for months?"
Jenny looked down. "That's the problem, with all this mucking about
with different universes merging into each other, we can't see any
"What about when we... you know."
"We what?"
"You know... when we made love." Seymour said with a cheeky grin.
Jenny rolled her eyes. "I'm sorry but that wasn't planned. It was
never supposed to happen."
"What! Are you telling me that our baby hasn't got some pre-ordained
"No Seymour... she hasn't. She was just an accident, we got drunk, we
had sex..."
"Then you ignored me for ages, then you went into a coma.... yes I
know the rest." Seymour finished with a sigh.
But Jenny wasn't listening. She cocked her head and seemed to be
listening intently, or was she thinking?
"We have to go." She said quickly.
"What? Why?"
"There are people who know you are here. They want you to go back to
your own dimension."
"Good. So do I. Maybe they can show me the way home."
"No. I need to tell you some more first. Come with me!"
"Jenny, please. I just want to go home. It has been nice to see you
and everything, but we're too different... you're from a different
dimension. Let's just share custody of baby Alota and I'll not come
here again."
"I need to tell you about baby Alota!" Jenny said. "She's in danger!"
"Yes. She's been kidnapped. I know this." Said Seymour. "I just don't
know by whom."
"Come with me and I'll tell you."
Jenny took Seymour out of the house and deeper into her fantastical
dimension. Other houses in the area where she lives seemed to have 5
or 6 dimensions as standard, as well as holographic cable tv and
evaporated swimming pools. Travel around the dimension seemed to be
done by swimming, but not in water but through music. Seymour found
it very confusing.
Moments later two people arrived at Jenny's one-dimensional door and
knocked. But they were gone.
<To be continued!!>

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