"Jenny's Dimension" part 2

Who: Seymour Niples
Where: Jenny's dimension (FG-57)
When: Just as Jenny takes Seymour somewhere else
Jenny took Seymour out of the house and deeper into her fantastical
Other houses in the area where she lives seemed to have 5 or 6
dimensions as standard, as well as holographic cable tv and
evaporated swimming pools. Travel around the dimension seemed to be
done by swimming, but not in water but through music.
Seymour found it very confusing. It was like being inside a Picasso
painting. He changed his mind when Jenny forced him up a staircase
that looked like it was painted by M.C. Escher. At the bottom he
briefly saw someone painting what he thought a simple 3 dimensional
staircase would be like. Seymour wished for something so simple as he
followed Jenny across the ceiling.
They soon stopped on a balcony and Jenny checked if the coast was
"This is Pentagora, it is a dodecahedron-shaped planet in the
universe FG-57."
"What is going on? I demand to know what is going on! Why am I here!"
Seymour said, he was sweating bubbles.
"I'm sorry. I should explain." Said Jenny. "Because all the parallel
(and perpendicular) universes are all merging together, some
organisations are using this to their advantage. The Krylons are
using it as a method of travel between universes to further their
plan for universal domination, and so are the Hymenoptera. But there
are also smaller organisations that are monkeying around with the
universe and changing it for their own benefit."
"So that's exactly like the first example surely?"
"No, because the Krylons are just wiping people out. Other people are
being more clever and manipulative... do you remember that I said I
could see my entire life like a map in front of me?"
"Yes. Please, this is no time to boast. And if you know anything
about how I am to die, then I do not want to hear it."
"You are poisoned by some thousand year old brandy."
"What! I hope it was a good vintage."
"Thing is... with 'the clench effect' happening, that might not be
true, any number of things might happen."
"It might be sherry."
"But there are people far more powerful than me. People that can see
the entire lifespan of the universe. So if they change one thing,
entire galactic civilisations might form, or if they change another,
a billion billion people will die from a war spanning a hundred
stars. They play with the lives of entire planets like it's a game.
It's sick."
Seymour thought about it. "Hmm... I like the sound of that."
"No, It's twisted! It's wrong. You just shouldn't mes with things
like that!" Jenny said passionately. "Things should be how they are.
Don't mess!"
"So is that who we're running from?" Seymour asked.
"Yes. They don't want you to be here. You might ruin their 'plan' or
Seymour nodded, but didn't quite understand. "You said you wanted to
tell me about baby Alota?"
"She's in danger."
"I know that, she was kidnapped!!!"
"By a company called 'TransMed'."
"They want to do experiments on her. She's the first crossbreed
between your race and mine." Jenny said.
"Has a Pentago- Penta- has any of your race ever had babies with
another race before?" Seymour asked.
"Yes. Because of the 'clench effect', many Pantagorans have met other
species and had babies. Ours is the first to not explode though."
"I feel honoured." Seymour said dryly. "So how do we get her back?"
Jenny handed him a slip of paper. "Here is the location she is being
held. It's a science building with a multi-dimensional shielding. If
you bring the shields down then I can help you."
"Come with me."
"I can't, I need to prepare some things. Just get the shields down."
Seymour took the piece of paper. "Hey, it's one-dimensional. It has
no back!"
"Is that bad?"
"No I guess – Wha?!"
Seymour suddenly found he was trapped in a glowing cube with bars
across. He tentatively touched the bars and pulled his hand back in
pain. "What is going on? Jenny? Jenny!!"
A friendly Texan voice spoke to him calmly. At first Seymour thought
it was Captain Calvert, but then realised it was a man with ever-
changing clothes. "Sorry buddy, but we're going to have to take you
back to your own dimension. Well done for getting here though, it
shows some real initiative. I like that."
Further away he could hear Jenny calling to him, but a friendly
female voice saying "It's okay. We're just trying to help."
Before he could even blink, Seymour found himself on a small moon.
Earth's moon. He looked around, there was a glass dome over his head,
and there seemed to be many people around selling tacky 'the moon'
souvenirs. There were the right amount of dimensions and he
definitely felt like he was back in a sensible dimension.
Seymour pulled the one-dimensional slip of paper from his pocket and
looked at the address.
He was off to rescue his baby.
<To be continued!>

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