Volcanic Pancake

Who: Justin Pancake
Where: Kraxor
Volcanoes around him erupted. Ask billowed into the sky and lava
fountained out, into the air, and then down the mountains like the
planet was having simultaneous orgasms.
A flow of lava headed straight for Justin. At first he was scared, but
then he realised the protective shield around him would save him.
The lava flowed around, not even warming him through his energy
shield. Justin grinned, and started wading through the volcanic rock.
He saw several Blue Dwarf team members stranded on a rock and walked
over. He stood between them and the flow of lava, and managed to block
the flow for a few seconds, allowing them to escape.
The lava started to build up around him, and then started flowing over
the shield. Soon he was almost smothered by lava that was starting to
"Help!" He shouted.
OOC - Can someone help Justin? He is trapped in hardening lava!

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