Re: Takedown

Who: Efof, and later Kara
Where: SS Enlightenment v0.22 BETA
When: After the Krylons started boarding
Efof still hadn't got used to this hologram thing. He ran down to
where the Krylons were boarding, like everyone else. Someone had
usefully changed this are of the ship into a labyrinth to confuse the
Krylons and slow them down. Unfortunately this just seemed to
disadvantage everyone as Efof walked around totally lost for about
ten minutes without seeing a single soul.
Then as he turned the corner a mechanoid jumped out at him and killed
The reason why Efof hadn't got used to the hologram thing yet was
that he could have changed himself to softlight at any time but kept
The Krylon had a chainsaw hand which he swung around with great
force. Efof tried to duck, but the chainsaw went straight through his
neck, chopping off his holographic head which dropped to the
floor. "Oh bugger" it said. His body vanished, replaced by the text "-
100 points" - not that the computer was keeping score.
He respawned at the start of the maze, ans sagged his shoulders as he
realised he'd have to find the Krylon again.
He was killed a few more times, each time forgetting to turn himself
to softlight which he kicked himself each time for.
On his fourth attempt he found the Krylons that had captured Kara.
One had his hand plunged into her chest, gripping her light-bee
firmly. Another stood nearby, protecting the first.
Efof looked down at the little device Jay had given him. It allowed
him to spawn any hologram in the database. The choice was diminished
after the Krylons had tried to delete everything, but there were
still a few to choose from.
The two Krylons were momentarily distracted by a herd of green sheep
that shuffled past them. "It must be a human distraction." Said the
lead robot. "Watch out for-" But Efof had already sneaked up and was
tugging on the the second Krylon's chainsaw arm-attachment. Efof
pressed the quick release and the chainsaw came off ion his hands. He
swung it at the Krylon that was holding Kara and severed his hand.
The hand gripping her might bee fell through her legs and she gasped,
able to move again.
"Thanks Efof, look out!"
Efof had swung the chainsaw through the head of the first Krylon, but
had ignored the second. It fired a cutting laser straight through
him, which cut a hole straight through Efof's hardlight holographic
body. Efof wasn't done for though, he simply ignored the hole and
threw the chainsaw, it landed in the gap between the Krylon's
shoulder and arm, and started cutting away at the bare wires and
pistons. Sparks flew all around and the robot keeled over, leaking
hydraulic fluids.
"Thanks." Said Kara. "But watch out, these guys have brought holo-
"What's a holo-whip?" Efof asked, second before one whipped him in
the back and he disappeared. Leaving Kara alone again.
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