Kara was wandering about the SS Enlightenment. Her head wasstill pounding from the mass of information that was forcefully put in. She was intent on making sure the bloody Space Corp removed the program as soon as possible. Kara was worried about the effectsit may be having on her psyche. Some of her memories felt corrodedas if the information may be pushing some of it out to take room. But she couldn't tell or possibly even remember. She heard the alarm go off and the notification of intruders boarding. The doorway down the hallway slid open revealing a group of Krylongrunts. Finally, a chance to waste more of these bastards. Kara wasmore than set on wiping those scumbags from existence. She took herblaster from it's holster and charged toward the enemy firing shots at them."Stop her!" The officer Krylon ordered. The Krylon's quickly produced some weaponry Kara had never seen before. A bad feeling came overher when they aimed the guns at her. "Holly! Soft-Light!" She ordered. Her blaster clattered to the floor as it slipped through her now softimage. The volleys of fire whizzed through her image and burned holesinto the side of ship. In moments though the ship repaired the smalldamage. "Ha! Try to hit me now you dumb bastards!" Kara laughed as she did a little mocking dance. But before she could react something wrapped aroundher arm and pulled her onto the floor. Kara turned her head at the Krylon's and saw them armed with holo-whips one which was currently still attached to her arm. They quickly ran up and prepared to strike her again. Kara triedto move but before she could one of the Krylon's jabbed it's hand into herchest and grabbed her light-bee. "You take us for granted, human. You really think we would board a holo-shipand not take proper weaponry?" The Krylon officer said as he looked down atKara. "Yeah, you got me on that one." She said. Kara wasn't sure what to do.With them holding her light-bee she couldn't move from the spot and she wasmore than sure any funny business would result in getting crushed so it was bestto not play with her chances. "Now if I remember correctly you're the hologram we procured before." The officersaid as he looked at a data pad he had in his hand. Kara screamed inside her head. No way in hell was she gonna let them high-jack her again. "So what if I am? I'm not doing anything for you smeggers!" She snapped. "I think learned our lesson the first time. We're just going to hack you for information on this ship since we are sureyou have it and then destroy you." The officer said as he produced a small remotedevice that he handed to the Krylon who had a hold of her.<Can anyone help Kara?!>Get thousands of games on your PC, your mobile phone, and the web with Windows®. Game with Windows

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