*Action* - "Being boarded by the Krylons"

Who: The hologram crew
Where: The Krylon dimension
The SS Enlightenment v0.22 BETA looked like a swimming polar bear as
it was attacked by the two Krylon ships.
The closest ship was whipped and beaten by the gigantic (and
extremely detailed) penis that extended out from the holographic
ship. The ship groaned in what seemed like disgust, and then
exploded, probably due to shock.
Meanwhile, the second Krylon ship approached closer. It got around to
the back of the Enlightenment and forcefully docked with the rear end
of the ship.
"Emergency, Emergency. There's an emergency going on." Said Holly,
projecting himself as an oppressively large 3D holographic head on
the Enlightenment's bridge (which now looked like the CIC from
Babylon 5).
"What is it Hol?" Jay asked.
"Intruders are coming aboard." Holly's face changed to a screen
showing the Krylons boarding the ship.
"They're heading towards the central lightbee." Jay said. "We have to
stop them."
Then he started handing out small handheld computer devices. "What
are these?" asked Efof.
"The Enlightenment can sustain any number of holograms. These little
gadgets just allow you to program whatever you want to appear, and it
Efof nodded, and the entire crew headed down to stop the Krylons.
<Tag! Sorry it's so short but I didn't want to bog it down with too
much dialogue... just thought I'd get straight to the point. All you
have to do is stop the Krylons in whatever way you can... or maybe
for extra drama you don't stop them. Anything can happen! Remember if
you die you'll come back again.>

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