Pancakes silly mistake

Who: Justin Pancake
Where: SS Enlightenment BETA
When: After justin got a penis upgrade
Justin strolled down the corridors of the Enlightenment a lot happier.
His arms were now constructed of simple polygons, covered in the
repeating pattern of his uniform which was now no longer removable,
the cuffs blending into the wrists in a fuzzy line as if someone had
drawn the uniform in MS paint. Justin was grinning however, and using
his arms to hold some sort of balance occasionally as he half
strutted/ half limped along with what appeared to be a large vegetable
of some sort down one leg of his trousers.
He went to show off his new appendage on the bridge, but as he arrived
it seemed like they were in the middle of a battle.
"They're firing!" Shouted out Rufus, who was looking at a computer
screen. Justin glanced over and saw that a missile was coming straight
towards them.
"Operation doughnut!" Justin called out.
"Transform the ship into a doughnut, and then it'll pass straight
through the middle."
"Good idea." Said Jay.
Rufus shrugged. "Why bother? We could just change to a softlight
hologram, then it'll just pass straight through us."
Everyone nodded, and the missile passed straight through them. They
could actually even see it come through the wall and pass quickly
through Jay's head.
Justin grinned, but as he did the ship shook. "What was that?" He asked.
"The missile clipped the central light bee." Rufus explained. "It's
what's keeping the hologram running. I guess I should have thought
about that."
"Change back to hardlight!" Jay commanded. "I don't want that central
lightbee getting damaged, or we're all toast."
Another missile was launched, this time it hit the side of the ship's
holographic skin, knocking most people off their feet. Rufus hit his
head on the computer screen and fell unconscious. Justin realised
Rufus was doing an important job at the computer and quickly replaced
him. Lots of flashing lights flashed at him.
"What's happening?" Asked Jay.
"I ... don't know." Admitted Justin.
"Are they launching another missile?"
"No... I don't think so."
There was an odd silence. Outside in space the two Krylon ships just
stared at them.
Then all the computer screens went off.
"What is happening?!" Asked Jay.
"I just... don't.... know!" Said Justin, jabbing at his holographic
computer monitor with his square finger. "Computers are down."
Then the computers came back on again. Text scrolled quickly up the
"They... they've hacked us!" Justin said.
"What?" Said Jay.
"They're deleting all the holograms we have in our database."
Jay suddenly changed into Mickey Mouse. "What the hell?" He asked,
looking down at his gloved hands.
"Sorry. They've deleted your hologram. You've been reset the the
default hologram."
"THIS is the default hologram?" Jay yelled.
But Justin was looking at the screen worried. All he could see were
gigabytes and gigabytes of data being deleted by the Krylons.
"How are they doing this?" Asked Jay.
"They just hacked in. Our antivirus must be crap... oh..."
"Oh what?"
"I might have turned the firewall off."Justin admitted.
"Well we had to turn it off to temporarily reset my hologram. I had
this really crappy looking penis, and I wanted to-"
"I don't care!" Said Jay. "I'm smegging Mickey Mouse!"
Justin looked down. "Yeah sorry."He quickly enabled the firewall again
and locked the Krylons out. The list of holograms stopped deleting.
Jay turned his attention back to the viewscreen. "Now, they will pay
for this. Shoot them back with every hardlight hologram we have."
"Aye sir." Justin said, and pressed a big red button that fired the
next hologram in the queue. Bearing in mind that many of the ship's
holographic templates had now been removed.
A large penis leaped from the ship and whacked the attacking Krylon
ship like a wet sausage.
"Oh no!" Shouted Justin. "That's my penis!"
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