Andy- 'Digitize'

Who: Andy
Where: Unknown medical facility
When: Westside of eternity...
It was almost becoming routine.
Andy's eyelids slid back to beholden the pristine white roof. Only to
close them immediately afterwards to wince at the spectrally large
headache that had suddenly digged into his brain. Once more his
blurred eyes fluttered open to survey the noticeably ivory surroundings.
"...It's just a waiting game now... Whoever delivered this guy
shouldn't have even bothered." A sombre male voice stated over to his
right. What a second... wasn't it that guy from the oath-keeper?
"Doctor... we might as well just shut him off now. He's lost." A
female voice chided.
"...We'll follow standard procedure, nurse. Two days." Even to Andy
the man's resolve sounded hollow.
"Two days...? *LOOK* at him!" A woman who was undoubtable Nurse White
bit back "He has third degree burns all over his body and his head
looks like someone ran over a watermelon with hummer; *then* we tried
to stitch it back together!"
For a moment the headache eased up on him for just the moment he needed.
It was Doctor Grubler and Nurse White... both of them standing at
either side of a half-man, half-mummy.
Apparently, both of them where blind to the stumbling Janitor who
drunkenly strolled over to them.
Andy took a look down at the victim. To be honest he was surprised
that whatever was on the table was still living. The head resembled a
lollipop that had been wrapped in toilet paper.
"*Sigh*... we've been getting emergency calls all day. Nurse White,
please state time of analysis and name of subject. I'm off to ward B."
The one unflappable doctor ran a hand through his hair along with a
deep heaving sigh. With that Grubler left the ward and disappeared out
the corner of Andy's eye. White pulled up a clipboard and cleared her
throat before she scribbled down some unknown variable. "Time... 2320
hours, patient's name... oh my... we've done this one before... Mr.
Andrew Roos."
Well... shit.
"What's wrong son?" An overly familiar mocking Texan voice drilled
into Andy's brain. The headache suddenly vanished from his mind as a
deathly clarity came over him.
The janitor didn't miss a beat as he turned and snatched Potential by
the shirt. With a bellowing growl Andy shoved the omnipresent being
into the wall, causing a nearby tray table to send its contents flying.
"Nice to see you too, just don't get all gay on me." He quipped
without a hint of worry or offence on his face.
"What the *hell* is this?!" Andy snarled as he pointed over at the body.
With a blink of an eye, Potential's tweed suit reappeared as a
man-thong. Almost making the Janitor's eyes water.
"It's rather simple Andy. You are brain dead. Within two days time
they go by standard procedure and pull the plug on you."
"I...I...*WHAT*?" Andy only spluttered for an answer.
"Don't tell me you didn't see it coming? Pah!" The Texan brushed off
the shell-shocked Australian and walked over to a nearby table with a
bottle of lone star on it. He took a long gulping swill before continuing.
"C'mon... it was inevitable. When you overheat you get a brain
haemorrhage. At the rate you were haemorrhaging I would've given you
two years... and *that's* long odds."
Andy's hand reached out to the nurse that stood over him, desperate
words bubbling up in his throat.
"Don't bother son... she can't hear you." Potential added, pouring the
booze into two glasses. "We're outside their spectrum of detection.
Spirit-form if you will."
The immortal being walked over to the Australian with glasses akimbo.
"Here." He motioned, pressing the glass into his hands.
"I...I don't drink." Andy responded dumbly.
"You do now. Swill; I'm here for a reason." Potential ordered before
sucking it down in one breathless gulp. The second Andy finished he
"Now... this would normally be disallowed, taboo even, to appear
before an occupant of a universe. Actually... in ordinary
circumstances I could have my own rank stripped from me and be forced
into exile- and therefore death- for even *thinking* of asking for
help in Agency business... but we do not find ourselves in such
circumstances." Andy found Potential's voice to be both eerily
hypnotic and disturbingly jarring.
"...What do you want from me?" The janitor cut to the chase.
"Let me finish... the universes are merging Andy. This is bad... very
bad. It seems that some one in the agency had been very sloppy and an
advanced race had been very naughty. While they can't do anything
upfront to hurt us... they can indirectly do us harm by destroying the
multi-verse." Potential sucked in a deep breath before pulling over
the bottle of hooch and repouring both glasses.
"This one here, yours that is, belongs to a friend of mine. Some race
called the Krylons has seeped in from another one and is trying to
wipe you and your fantastic race out. Now I have no doubt that us
agency fellas will fix this... but it won't be in time to save your
people. This is where you come in..."
"You're unique Andy. Your mind had been waxed and the current
consciousness you're experiencing had been backed up on that Krylon
tech you call the Masterkey... but it won't keep you alive past your
physical body's... expiration. You can use this body to digitise
yourself so that you can skip off a soon-to-launch holo-ship and
infiltrate the Krylon frequencies." Potential noticed that he was
loosing his target audience.
"Long story short... you have two days to wipe out the Krylons or do
as much damage as you can so that someone else can finish the job."
"...I'm going to die..." The janitor voice became hushed.
Potential gave a chuckle before strolling over to the Cleaner. A
weight was suddenly felt as the Texan placed his hand on Andy's shoulder.
"The question is will you let trillions of people go with you?"
Potential had now taken up the bottle in his hands; Andy's soon-to-be
passing was affecting him more than he let on.
The meta-physical Australian diverted his eyes from the Agent's manic
"Andy let me tell you a secret, something that no 'mundane' have ever
known bar you. My kind *live* on what happens to the 'mundanes'. Some
of us find destruction to their tastes, some chaos, others peace and
order. The emotion is so strong that quite a few even name ourselves
after it. For the longest time *your* universe's 'protector' lived on
jokes- mankind was nothing but a big funny to him. Luckily for you a
new girl just came in. She's a being of joy. So it's in her best
interests to keep you happy."
"...And you?"
"C'mon... is it really that hard?"
"So...what'll it be?"
"...I'll do it..."
"...I'm glad you are...even if I knew the choice was certain."
Andy pulled away from the Texan's grip and diverted his gaze to a
nearby life-support system, the very system that kept his own body
alive. Potential strolled past him and pulled up the comatose
janitor's hand, the Masterkey sloppily inserted into the palm. He gave
the cleaner a small nod, waiting for the man's word.
The Australian sucked in a deep breath. "Make it happen."
<To be continued.>
OOC: Yes, that's right. I'm going to kill Andy. Why? It's not because
I'm bored of him, I think that it's a fitting end to the hacker. Who
I'll play next...? Well... you may be surprised... or find yourself
somewhat cheated.
Oh yeah, and the reason why Jay thought Andy was in another dimension
was that Potential popped in and grabbed him as the base was falling
apart... just after the Janitor had a slab of concrete smack into his

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