First Werst Day.............part 2

Who: Nikki, Y-19 Prime, Y-19
Where: Blue Dwarf Primes Reactor core.
When: Well now.......
Nikki was nothing shore of confused and to be honest, angry with
herself for coming back to this room when it was clear that neither
had seen her go.
"Which one are you?" asked Y-19 looking at him from every angle
possible, the double ganger did not move or change him emotionless
expression, Y-19 sighed rubbed his temple and said the words he hated
saying most in the world (save "You finish that") "Soldier!" he
yelled "SOUND OFF!"
Immediately the other Y-19's arms snapped to his sides and his
expression went blank "Super Soldier Prototype Y-19 Registration code
666000678427 dash 9 42 999728 awaiting orders," the other Y-19
suddenly shook his head and looked with what Nikki could only assume
was his version of anger.
Nikki had to stop herself from laughing she turned to what she
assumed was her.....weird super dude. "Does he have to do that every
time you say that?" she asked.
He looked at her as if he had only just remembered she was
around "Ye," he said, "Its built into our subroutines."
"Wait your sud......" she smiled evil and cleared her throat "SOUND
OFF!" she yelled as load as she could.
At once both Y-19's turned to her and their arms snapped to their
sides "Super Soldier Prototype Y-19 Registration code 666000678427
dash 9 42 999728 awaiting orders," both chimed in perfect unison.
19 as she was now calling him in her head (The one she had met)
looked at her with his odd coloured eyes with for once great
annoyance on his face "Do you have any idea annoying that is!" he
growled at her.
"Y-19 model sta...." started the blank one but he was stopped by 19
throwing up an angry finger to stop him.
"In a minute!" he said then turned back to Nikki who was now in a
state of shock at his reaction to her fun, "now Molely," he stated
prompting another strange look from Nikki "the mole on your left
inner thigh," he explained prompting another strange wide eyed look
from Nikki and also Blank 19 strangle, "as I have told that last one
of you I met stop doing that it smegging hurts and is very very
annoying now......."
"Y-19 Model......." the other one started again but as
expected........OUCH thought Nikki as 19 placed a hand on Blanks
shoulder forced him through the floor.
"NOT NOW!!!!!!!!" yelled 19 panting, he looked up suddenly at
Nikki "what were we talking about?"
Her jaw dropped open, "You have to be kidding me," she said shocked.
"No," he said passively looking around at the room then wondering off
to the door leaving her in general shock as usual. She looked down
into the hole below, Y-19 Prime was there looking blankly up at her
as ever his dark green eyes virtually emotionless. He raised a fist
to the hole and twisted it sealing the hole as if it had never been
"I hate this place," she sighed looking after her 19.........her
annoying 19 that had just broken the door into the chamber by
tripping through it, causing it to part like paper. She sighed again
and began to follow at a slow pace
till...........'Molely'................'how did he know
that'................ her cheeks flushed red at the only way that he
could know about that mole. She ran after him just catching him the
lift as the doors were closing, "How do you know about the Mole on my
thigh?" she half yelled at him.
"I would have been blind to have missing it," he said seating himself
comfortably in one of the soft comfy seats that lined the lift.
"But, but when how what," she spluttered trying to avoid the truth of
what he was saying, "but I've never met you."
"I've met you," he said licking his chin quick as blinking.
He looked at her briefly "My universe," he explained "Psychiatrists
don't get much work on a ship that doesn't want help and I'm so fast
my experiments are done by lunch."
"So," she said getting even more confused, "so I get a lot of breaks
in this job ye I know it's great but what are you getting at?"
"What I'm saying is Molely I was your breaks," he said with not a
hint of embarrassment.
She did no reply just banged her head against the wall in
frustration, she was having rampant sex in another universe with an
eccentric over laid back Super Soldier with a tough that...... well
explains how he knows about the Mole. She has a job on a ship where
everyone is nuts yet does not want her help, it's her birthday and
she realised it at.....yep 11:27pm and she was spending it with 19
she was spending her 26th with a man named 19 from another universe
who knew what she looked like naked and she couldn't even remember
what sounded like a very fun several hundred hours.
"I hate this place," she said again in a defeated tone sitting down
next to 19 who was to her knowledge ether asleep, ignoring her or
thinking about doing ether of them to her, she looked at him, "are
you staying or leaving muscles?"
He opened his multi coloured eyes and looked at her with a thoughtful
expression "This place has no Monkeys, Giant monkeys, Monkey people,
Fish people, Giant killer skutters, no Y-20 or a Labyrinth of fire so
I think I'll stick around for a while."
She rolled her eyes at him and sighed at herself, "Nobody likes me on
this ship," she said, "everyone hates the shrink but you don't seem
to care if I'm here or not....."
"Not really."
"Thanks....." she said in a put down tone.
"For what?"
"Any way doesn't matter but at least you talk to me so can I at least
talk with you some time otherwise I'm going to blow my brains out
then I'm a hologram and I don't like that, I like sex......not with
you but I do so I'm not going digital," she paused for breath, "can I
hang out with you is what I'm asking your completely mad but I've
seen this ship and that's what I have to deal with here and you at
are interesting so what do you say can we be friends, oh smeg I sound
like I'm in play school....."
He didn't answer at first or for several minutes in the end she
repeated what she had said to him again but he remained silent an
till "Shore why not," he said in his usual laid back tone then was
silent again.
She smiled slightly at the, what she assumed was a friendly gesture
from him "Soooo," she started off "tell me about yourself," once
again he didn't reply for ages and finally Nikki got to
annoyed "Sound off!" she said in a raised voice and watched with
amusement as 19 sprang to his feet.
Y-19 Prime clicked his own neck three times in a row steeling himself
for this, he hated doing this. His whole body began t o shudder as
his flesh morphed and his hair colour changed as his physical form
changed to an exact replica of Captain Jay Chrysler missus the
cloths. He observed himself in the mirror and allowed himself a
slight smug smile as he walked up to the nearest wall opened it up
and sealed it round himself to sleep and be ready for the next day,
when he would complete his mission.

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