Efof + Dysart - "The Thorax appears"

Who: Efof and Dysart
Where: Alota Chrysler's Blue Dwarf
When: Just after Rosette goes all possessed and leaves in a Blue
"Efof please remember! In your mind some random Ffionian girl gave me
a fertility symbol."
Efof made a face of realisation and pointed his finger into the
air. "Oh... nope, don't remember."
"There was a weird Texan called 'Potential' with clothes that keep
"Oh come on Efof. I was wearing the black tshirt."
"Oh! Andy? Andy the cleaner is that you?"
<end snip>
Dysart nodded. His mechanical skeleton hissed at the pneumatic
"But.... how... why... why are you a robot... why are you here..."
Efof was full with questions, sadly he didn't have the attention span
to follow them through. "Ooh a squirrel!" He said and looked away
towards a ventilation shaft that seemed to house a squirrel
"I think we'd better turn that distress signal off, don't you?"
Dysart said and walked to the Hymenoptera shuttle that was
broadcasting its position. Dysart snapped a sticky vein that was
feeding the pulsating beacon and it stopped.
However, it was far too late, as this was the moment that Evil Jay's
ship the "Thorax" came through the rift.
Efof caught sight of some movement through a window to his left. The
other Blue Dwarf's littered the black background of space, and new
ones keep appearing regularly. But the ship that came through caused
Efof to do a double take, then move closer to the window for a better
"What is it?" Asked Dysart.
"That ship isn't a Blue Dwarf!"
"Maybe it's just from a parallel universe where the Blue Dwarf was
designed to look differently." Dysart said rationally. He looked
closely at the ship. "Maybe it's the fashion for starships in their
universe to look like giant insects."
"Nah, I've seen it before. And it's bad news." Efof said. "It's Evil
Jay's ship."
Dysart didn't even have to ask who Evil Jay was. The clue was all in
the name. It was Jay, but Evil.
They watched as a swarm of ships came out of the Thorax, heading
towards other ships in the area.
"CHRYSLER TO ALL BD PRIME UNITS" Came the crackling voice of the
Captain over Efof's walkie talkie. "Your first priority is to keep
yourselves alive, second, find a way to stop...EVIL JAY.."
"What's going on Jay. Uh... I mean, Captain." Efof asked, putting the
radio up to his mouth.
"Evil Jay is kidnapping all the other Jay Chrysler's."
"We don't know yet. But it can't be for any good!"
"Fair enough" Efof shrugged. "We'll do anything we can to mess up his
plans. Efof out." Efof put the radio back in his pocket and grinned
at Dysart.
"Do you have a plan then?" Asked the hologram with the mechanical
"Err.. no." Said Efof.
Dysart looked at the crashed Hymenoptera ship that was in the Landing
bay with them. "How about we fix that up and take it for a ride?"
"What, you mean fly it to the Thorax?"
"Yes. We wouldn't get close with a normal Blue Midget, we'd be shot
to pieces."
"Sounds dangerous" Efof said. Then he paused. "But I'm bored here.
Lets go."
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