“Forgive me Captain........”

Who: Captain Jay, Y-19's, Evil Jay
Where: Captains Quarters
When: After Evil Jays ship came through!
Jay sat with his hands on his forehead groaning, Evil Jay was back
and had taken all of "Him" captive. What was he going to do now, the
ships systems were being weird enough as it was half the time telling
him that he did not have clearance to do anything anymore plus Holly
was being unusually strict. The Tech guys were working on it but it
still seemed hopeless.
A hand suddenly clasped down on the back of his head, "What the
Smeg!" he yelled trying to stand.....but he couldn't his whole body
would not move as if an iron grip was placed over every inch of his
"Forgive me Captain," said an emotionless voice from behind him.
"Who the Smeg are you I am a Captain!!! I'll have you strung up by
your balls for this!!!!!!!!!" he yelled furiously trying in vain to
turn his head.
The hand removed its self but he could still not move an inch, a hand
clasped on the back of his collar and lifted him twisting his body in
mid air so that he was now face to face with........himself. The
other him was dressed in what he assumed was some form of shiny black
armour but other than that he was his double ganger.
"You!" gasped Jay anger welling inside him furious that his limbs
were now useless, "so what now Jay?" he asked.
The other Jay looked on blankly at him, "To impersonate you I must
absorb your memories," with that he placed two fingers on his temple.
Jay gasped as in the space of what must have been only thirty seconds
his whole life flashed before his eyes. As it ended for the first
time in years Jay cried seeing everything he had done in his life.
"What are you going to do with me?" he sobbed all his strength having
gone from him.
The other gave the most minute of smiles ever given to him "Crew
Dispensable," he chanted removing his fingers from Jay's head and
flicking him.............then for Jay at least..........there was
nothing but darkness.
Where: The Thorax
Evil Jay surveyed the Blue Dwarf with contempt in his
heart "Finally!" he said allowed chuckling slightly. Roughly thirty
other Jay's were suspended from the walls by a spider wed like
solution all out cold though his female counted part was strapped to
a chair in the middle of the room a shadowy figure standing over her.
"What is your plan for the female?" asked the figure in a dark
horribly well spoken voice.
Evil Jay chuckled, "Who better to produce me an air than myself," he
said stroking her face with one gloved hand, "once you've worked your
magic my friend."
"If you keep your end of our agreement Jay ill turn her and Blue
Dwarf into playboy bunnies for you," the man spoke darkly walking
into the light.
"Do not worry Y-19," said Jay looking at the long haired black eyed
demon before him garbed in his pure black armour, "I'll get you what
you want."
"See that you do Jay," threatened 19 turning away from the
man, "don't make me put you back where I found you," he left with his
words punching and there y killing a large Hymenoptera as he walked
through the door.

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