Bring on the.........fury?

Who: Y-19(the annoying one), Y-19 Prime (The really annoying one aka
the soldier)
Where: Scutter central control
When: The end of Scutter rotation
Y-19 sat on an iron walk way over the Scutter refuelling area, he
liked these Scutters that they had here. Back home the Scutters were
huge and red and shot lasers from their mouths so he was in favour of
these fellows. The Scutters that were being refuelled suddenly moved
from the motionless positions and rocketed off into the halls
outside, a few minutes later the exact same number of Scutters
entered by the same means positioning themselves where their
counterparts had been and settling into a wistful mechanical sleep.
"Y-19 model," said a familiar emotionless voice from his right, he
turned to see what seemed to be Captain Jay in Y-19 Prime's black
armour it did not take a genius to figure it out and he was one.
"What do you want?" Y-19 asked.
"State your purpose on board this ship," Y-19 Prime continued.
Y-19 looked at him with some amusement, "What purpose I didn't come
here by choice," he said with some bitterness in his voice.
Y-19 Prime seemed confused "Soldiers follow orders," he said as if it
were systematic, "I do not understand," his voice remained
"I'm no longer a soldier dude," said Y-19 standing up "you know what
I am."
"Protocol three retrieve alternate Y-19 models for further study," Y-
19 Prime said systematically his heels knocking together reciting his
Y-19's black swerved lazily around the room to see who was one, excellent.
"You will come will me!" commanded Y-19 Prime "as by the orders
of....." he was cut off by a sudden punch to his stomach that sent
him flying into the metal wall some twenty feet behind him leaving a
large dent behind him as he fell to the floor.
Y-19 shrugged off his grey coat which fell to the ground with a flop,
his hair rustled faster and faster as he approached his double ganger
slowly. Y-19 Prime made to go to his feet but the other suddenly had
his head in his smashed through the wall behind him by Y-19 then
yanked out again then put once more through a different section of
the wall. Y-19 suddenly found Y-19 Primes feet on his chest then he
was flying through the air landing some eighty feet from where he had
Y-19 Prime had no emotions that could be defined but this was as
close to anger as he had ever come. In less than a second he was next
to the black eyed Y-19 then taking him by the neck and smashing him
into the opposite wall then dragging him along in but a moment
coiling the metal up for over fifty feet leaving a massive gash in
the wall.
The other Y-19 grabbed Y-19 Prime by the arm and twisted it cracking
the bone within then thrusting a footing to Y-19 Prime's face he sent
him flying away rolling along the ground. Y-19 Prime stood and held
his right arm in his left with no pain on his face what so ever, he
clenched his fist and with a load crack as his bones healed
Y-19 Prime ran at Y-19 just as he ran at him, the two collided in mid
run smashing against each other with so much force that each was
thrown back. Y-19 Prime meet only and expanse of floor but Y-19 met a
wall which with but a push of his arms he shot off like a bullet
landing on Y-19 Prime. Y-19 closed the metal platform over Y-19
Primes hands fixing them in place.
He looked down at his counterpart now unable to move, proud of
beating him so proud in fact......he stole his shoes. This was not
some evil act of hate it's just he had shoes just like them and he
missed them as he did those gloves........thank you brother.
"What are you going to do?" ask Y-19 Prime still emotionless.
Y-19 smiled at him and unexpectantly pulled a tooth from the back of
his mouth that was in fact strangely metallic.
"Thank you monkey Nikki," he said happily twisting the top of the
tooth so it started to flash quickly, he fastened it to Y-9 Prime's
top, "say high to the monkeys for me," he said waving and with a
flash........and pop and what sounded like a slight scream Y-19 Prime
was gone.
Y-19 looked around the room smiling to himself then frowned, "I'm
hungry," he said annoyed walking off the find Nikki.......she knew
where to get food. He didn't even seem to notice that the lights had
suddenly gone off.

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