Justin tries to kidnap the Captain (part1)

Who: Justin Pancake and Nikki Baines
Where: Prison, on the Blue Dwarf Prime
When: After Nikki helped Justin
`I can't help you when you're like this; I suggest you get a good
nights sleep and just rest until I can find out what's wrong. Oh and
please try not to come and kill me in my sleep, you need my help
remember.' Nikki turned to leave obviously distressed by the night's
events. As she left she noticed the guard watching her.
Justin sat in the corner of his cell and wondered what would happen
next. The problem with cells is that there's nothing to do. The second
problem with cells is that there is no free bar. Justin really felt
like a drink.
The problem is that he really didn't want to kill people, but he
thought about what the psychiatrist had said. He could have a multiple
personality. Maybe all the many years of drinking and untested alien
narcotics he'd taken had split his mind up into separate people. If
this was true, then there was no telling what was going on inside his
own head. He sulked as he thought of this. It sounded like it would
cost him a fortune in psychiatric bills.
He thought back to the time when he had tried to trap Callum and
Harris in the corridor with the gas. Maybe he really had programmed it
all himself. It certainly was possible. What about the time when he
sabotaged the Blue Midget, that could have been him too. And the time
when he just pointed the bazukoid at Lester and pulled the trigger
could so obviously be explained by a personality inside his head
controlling his arm.
If this was all true, then who was helping him escape from prison?
The door opened. And Justin waited for a few minutes for someone to
walk in. Maybe it was meal time? Nobody entered.
Justin casually stood up and peered out of the prison door. The guard
lay on the floor, with blood coming out of his head.
"My split personality definitely didn't do this." Justin said aloud.
He ran down the corridor. He had nowhere to go, and nobody to trust.
He considered going to see Nikki, the psychiatrist who had tried to
help him today. But she probably thought he was nuts, and would
definitely call security and have him arrested for killing the prison
guard. If he knocked on her door she'd probably think he was there to
rape and kill her. He considered if he should do this anyway, but then
a thought came into his head.
It was an odd thought, it was more like a command. It didn't seem to
come from his own thought process. But it wasn't like a thought with
words either. It wasn't as if someone was trying to talk to him using
words, it was more like an idea.
He didn't like the idea, but it overwhelmed him to go and complete it.
He walked to Parrotts bar, making sure he didn't make eye contact with
anyone he passed along the way. A lot of security guards were running
around wearing full armour and weapons, but seemed too busy to be
interested in an escaped prisoner like him.
He snook into the bar and sat down on a table towards the back. He
could see two people sat on a table together talking. It was Captain
Chrysler and Amber. He didn't really know that they would be there,
but someone told him they would be. Told him without words.
Justin wondered what he was going to do. He just sat and watched them
talk for a few moments.
"I can't fight off the Hymenoptera forever, at some point, they'll get
me too." Said Jay. "Somewhere along the line, I'm gonna come face to
face with him again. When it happens, we're gonna finish this. I want
you to have the Vespidae ready to fly. When they come for me, I want
you to follow with a team of the strongest people you can find. Mk.10,
Dante, hell, canaries for all I care. This time we're making sure he
never comes back. Even if we don't ourselves."
"The Vespidae is always ready." Said Amber. "One of the brilliant
things about the Hymenopteran fighters, feed them some honey and a bit
of meat every now and then and they are always ready to fly." She
smiled, "Of course after the Blue Dwarf modifications she needs some
fuel, but it lasts ages. I'll have the best security people I can
find ready to go, put out a tannoy for it or something." Amber said,
grim faced at the thought meeting her double.
After a few minutes more, Jay announced he was going to the toilet,
and left Amber finishing off her drink.
This was Justin's moment. He followed Jay into the men's room and
closed the door behind him.
Jay stood by a urinal and Justin stood directly behind him. His mind
was on fire with the amount of wordless commands he was being given.
Jay looked around, noticing someone behind him. "Can I help you?" He
asked. His hands were at his crotch which was pointed directly at the
"Yes. You can come with me." Justin said directly. "Get into cubicle 3."
Jay turned back to the urinal, and then back to Justin with a look of
amusement. "Sorry, but you're not my type!"
"Do it!" Justin commanded. Then he realised what he was really doing.
He was bossing his Captain about. Things didn't look to good for his
<To be continued in part 2!>

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